Wireless Network

Wireless Network

RK Telesystem is the pioneer in All-IP based wireless infrastructure technologies. RK Telesystem has been a global leader in network infrastructure products with a core mission to enable cellular operators to deploy wireless networks using Internet Protocol technology.

With the costs of deploying, managing and growing a wireless network higher than ever, our products deliver voice and broadband data services to 2G/3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi users, including solutions that address rural mobile, enterprise, in-building, cruise ship, portable and military applications, in the most cost-effective way possible. By leveraging off the shelf computing platforms and the ability to distribute network functions to the edge, network operators optimize their OPEX costs by working with RK Telesystem.

Whether your project is deploying an end-to-end network with scalable and modular platforms or you are looking for best-of-breed innovation and technology, RK Telesystem will be able to help your organization lower the total cost of ownership of your network infrastructure.

Ability to deploy anywhere

With our All-IP based wireless infrastructure product line, wireless networks can be built using any form of backhaul transmission. Our customers have deployed and/or expanded their networks over leased lines, microwave links and even satellite based transmission.

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