Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom software for live interactive online classes

Teaching and training online becomes easy and engaging with Virtual Classroom

WebRTC Virtual Classroom allows you to teach and train online in real-time from your internet browser.

No Flash, no Java, no plugin required to create an online classroom.

                No download required
No download required
Access Virtual Classroom from any internet browser, without downloading any bulky software or plugins like Flash and Java.
Smooth integration
Integrate Virtual Classroom with your existing website, CMS or LMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Blackboard or Sakai using our API & plugins.
Learn on-the-go
Offer learners to attend live classes on-the-go on their smartphones and tablets using  Android and iOS apps.
Easy administration
Schedule, manage and monitor live sessions easily with features like a custom invitation, enrollment notifications, user roles and permissions, session recording and attendance reporting.
Record live sessions
Record your live sessions and share with your internal and external audience via email or social channels. The server-side recording captures your live stream and makes the recording available almost immediately after the session is over.
                Engage your learners
Increase learners’ engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, interactive whiteboard, pre and post-class quizzes, and recorded lectures.

Virtual Classroom software helps you start delivering live online learning within minutes

HD video conferencing:Collaborate face-to-face online with enhanced audio-video quality. The full-screen conference mode ensures improved output and the 5-way audio-video layout with instinctive speaker recognition brings alive the real classroom experience. Enjoy unhindered live classes with low-latency video streaming and unlimited, echo-free audio output for better results. SD (640p) live video streaming is available by default. HD (720p) live video streaming is available in the Enterprise plans.

Cloud-base Server-side recording:While your online class is streaming live, the automated server-side recording (SSR) works in the background and recording is captured on our server. This means you can deliver and attend classes even on devices with low-end CPU as recording doesn’t hog your device computing resources.  Once class is over, no upload from your computer is needed and thus recording is available within minutes of the end of your session. Because the recording happens on our servers, internet speed of attendees does not impact the quality of the recording. Recording, once created, is available in your Library ready for re-use in future classes.

Advanced interactive whiteboard:The interactive whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode, allowing you to create a bigger workspace. You can open multiple whiteboards to draw, illustrate, show diagrams without having to erase anything. You can also upload presentations, images or even play videos from your library without any hassles.The out-of-the-box advanced geometric shapes and graphs make it easy to teach math and statistics. Circuit diagrams have been included to make the teaching of physics and electrical science hassle-free. The inclusion of maps helps a great deal when teaching geography. The line diagrams and apparatus shapes have been included for teaching chemistry online. You can annotate to explain, illustrate and add comments to an existing file or image. You also get the option to choose different colors from the color palette.

Advanced collaboration and moderation:Create advanced collaboration opportunities through transferable writing and audio-video controls. The automatic speaker recognition indicates the person speaking or writing in the attendee space. Live text chats allow for real-time, peer-to-peer or peer-to-instructor collaboration without disturbing the ongoing session. While you still control their actions, regular involvement of the attendees leads to higher satisfaction.

Test and assessment:Create and manage time-bound exams with the built-in test maker. You can conduct pre and post class tests to understand a learner’s journey and the knowledge they have acquired during the class. Alongside, insights into student progress help you understand the effectiveness of teaching modalities and take corrective actions. The test-maker supports different question types – true/false, MCQs in various formats – standard, multi-select and matrix table. You can repurpose tests for another session for a different set of the audience if required.

Easy administration:Automate everyday mundane admin tasks and put yourself in a better place. You can schedule live sessions, send customized invitations to attendees, define attendee roles and permissions and extend the class time from one place. Access reports, measure performances and track attendees with a single click. Do away with juggling the Excels, formatting, record keeping and keep everything centrally controlled.

Live polling:Use live polling feature to break the class monotony and improve interaction and engagement. Start your session with icebreaker questions and build a rapport with your audience. You can also use the polling feature to evaluate their understanding before the session or give scenario-based questions to test their progress and increase engagement. It is also an easy way to get instant feedback about the content, speed of the class, or technical issues they’re facing. You can conduct surveys to determine their personalities, interests, opinions and values and optimize your content and teaching style based on the insights.

Integrated library:Upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and access it from anywhere at anytime. The integrated library supports all types of files, saving the hassle of transferring and carrying data. Upload text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML files in different formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, WAV, WMA, MP3, MOV, AVG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, JPEG, GIF, PNG). It saves the hassle of transferring and carrying data. It’s easy to search for content and share it with your audience. Also, once a content resource is uploaded to library, you can reuse it for different classes.

Live screen and application sharing:Share your device screen with your audience in the whiteboard interface and let them see your actions in real-time. Application sharing makes it possible to share just one application like PPT or Excel open in your laptop. It helps you keep virtual classroom interface distraction-free and keep everyone on the same page. You can also offer remote assistance to the attendees by asking them to share their desktop screen. Live screen sharing is helpful in group collaboration, online demos, and remote support.

Insights and analytics:Access reports on learner attendancelogin-logout times and session duration to track and analyze learner performance. Aggregate data, compare and correlate to derive information and conclusions. Make data-driven decisions to improve teacher and content performances and learning outcomes.

API and Plugins:Virtual Classroom api and plugins enable you to start delivering live classes from your website or LMS/CMS, such as Moodle, WordPress, Canvas, Blackboard, Joomla! Drupal, Sakai, eFront, Totara, Edmodo. Allow your users to log in with a single ID and password to access your system as well as attend live sessions from the integrated class software. The single sign-on (SSO) facility allows users to access the connected applications without separate registrations. Benefit? No confusion and reduced password fatigue

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