Solutions for MVNOs

Solutions for MVNOs

MNOs are realizing the significance of MVNO partners to reach out to niche audiences with unique needs using suitable low cost business models & pricing strategies. As a result, MVNOs are fast emerging across segments such as telecom, roaming, retail, media, business, discount, lifestyle, and M2M.

RK Telsystem offers end-to-end mobile network infrastructure with a convergent real time platform for rapid service delivery & customer care to meet pertinent growth aspects of MVNE/O, Revenue Generation, Service Differentiation & Cost Optimization.

Full MVNOs choose our products because their businesses aren’t sustainable on the long run with big vendors’ products (such as Cisco, Huawei) that ask 4 times the costs of an HSS/HLR for an upgrade.

As the network grows, the CAPEX and OPEX expenditures/subscriber decreases significantly with our MVNO solutions. We charge per license and once your network grows in number of subscribers, you just add another server in a cluster.Our Core and HSS/HLR solutions are scalable, redundant and load-balanced due to the clustering module implemented in the software.

The IoT MVNOs use our GGSN/ PGW solution to offer mobility to the IoT devices and a positive return on investment for the MVNO business, within 6 months or less.

RK Telesystem’s full IoT MVNO network solution consists of two products, EPC/MSC and HSS/HLR, both with license costs very very low compare to main vendors.

Products for MVNOs:

2.5G BTS/eNodeB

We offer single box for 2.5G and 4G LTE eNodeB.2.5G/4G LTE BTS,which can be configured via software to operate as a 2.5G GSM/GPRS BTS+BSC.It has a maximum output power of 20 Watts RMS for LTE or GSM operation.