IoT Sensors  & Actuators

Type-A: Basic Sensor Kitwithout Control Board

Features of type-A Sensors Kit
  • 37 modules for you to learn basic knowledge about sensors.
  • With an elaborately-written user manual, providing more details, clear breadboard images and schematic diagrams, and thorough wiring description so you can connect the components easily.
  • Code and Fritzing files are will be provided for view and download.
  • Well-designed case for the package, inside which are divided into 8 grids for storing the components by category after you finish the experiment.

Type-B: Basic Internet of Things Kit

It helps you build your own smart devices.It includes the  board and

12 sensors so you can build anything from a weather station or plant monitoring station to a MINECRAFT controller or automated rain notifier.

Type-C: Grove Starter Kit

Grove is a modular electronics platform for convenient and rapid prototyping. Many configurations can be assembled without the need for soldering or breadboarding. Simply cable the Grove modules to the Grove shield and leverage the example code provided for each Grove module. The Grove Starter Kit contains a multitude of sensors and actuators, including support for audio, light, motion, tactile, and other interaction modes. So, you can start messing around at once with a wide variety of projects.

Parts list
  • 1*Base Shield
  • 1*Grove – LCD RGB Backlight
  • 1*Grove – Smart Relay
  • 1*Grove – Buzzer
  • 1*Grove – Sound Sensor
  • 1*Grove – Touch Sensor
  • 1*Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 1*Grove – Temperature Sensor
  • 1*Grove – LED
  • 1*Grove – Light Sensor
  • 1*Grove – Button
  • 1*DIP LED Blue-Blue
  • 1*DIP LED Green-Green
  • 1*DIP LED Red-Red
  • 1*Mini Servo
  • 10*Grove Cables
  • 1*9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
  • 1*Grove starter kit Manual
  • 1*Green Plastic Box

Type-D: LORA Sensors Kit

It includes everything you need to prototype using a LoRaWAN based  IoT network. It includes a powerful Arduino computer, a LoRa radio module and plug n’play Grove sensors. It is powered by solar and/or battery.

Includes :

  • All necessary components to build your first IoT projects.
  • 6 Months free access to the LoRaWAN network of your choice
  • A free subscription to AllThingsTalk Maker,  the IoT Application Enabler offered as-a-service to connect your things and your apps in hours not days.


Contents of the Kit :
  • 1* SODAQ Mbili, low power Arduino (ATmega 1284P) with 16kB, and 128kB flash memory.
  • 1* LoRa Microchip RN2483 module with U.FL connector
  • 1* Antenna (1⁄4 Wavelength) and U.FL to SMA pigtail
  • 1* Power adaptor (Euro 220V/5V)
  • 1* Mini USB cable
  • 1* 1.5W Solar panel
  • 1* Lithium Polymer Battery 1200mAh
  • 1* Grove – Button
  • 1* Grove – Light sensor
  • 1* Grove – PIR motion sensor
  • 1* Grove – Temperature – pressure – humidity sensor
  • 1* Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
  • 1* Grove – Sound/Loudness Sensor
  • 1* Grove – GPS module
  • 1* Grove – Air quality sensor
  • 1* Grove – Tilt switch
  • 1* Grove – Magnetic door switch & screw connector
  • 10* 5cm 4 Pin Grove Cables
  • 5* 20cm 4 Pin Grove Cables

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