Semiconductor Offerings

Semiconductor Offerings

Semiconductors have been instrumental in revolutionizing the creation of new products on one hand, and on the other to ensure its benefits reach the masses. Today, semiconductors power every product from the common place to the complex.

Semiconductors have become sophisticated platforms that enable rapid product development that are catalyzing disruption. Semiconductor vendors must devise ways to obtain the expertise to manage complex software that changes much faster than the underlying silicon platforms.

RK Telesystem provides its customers the ability to integrate third-party solutions and perform extensive testing of the final product to ensure a zero-defect launch.

Hardware Design

RK Telesystem has proven design methodologies in designing multi-layer analog/RF/high speed digital, mixed signal and high power PCBs boards to ensure first pass success.RK Telesystem’s hardware design capabilities and lab capacity have been built and refined over two decades and enriched with partnerships to provide spec-to-product engineering services to clients.

We ensure that all PCB designs are analyzed thoroughly for timing, signal integrity, power, heat dissipation (thermal compliance), and EMC/EMI compliance.

  • Board design from specifications, prototype development, board bring up and integration in products
  • FPGA board designs for performance evaluation
  • Board redesigns/respins to replace obsolete components, value engineering for cost
  • Reduction or performance improvements
  • Firmware development including Post/diagnostics, boot code, board support packages
  • (BSPs), and device drivers for a wide variety of on-board and external interfaces
    User Interface and Industrial Design

    RK Telesystem has been involved in turnkey industrial design projects for over ten years, from strategy formulation to product commercialization. We provide customers a platform to probe further into the consumer’s world and bring about fundamental changes in the way a product or a service is experienced. The user experience design practice at RK Telesystem has recently been resourced to provide complete solutions – from innovating user experiences to designing marketing strategies for applications and services.

    • User research
    • Technology landscaping
    • Trend forecasting
    • Strategic design management
    • Multi-generation application and product planning services
    • Innovation and ideation (conceptualization)
    • Prototyping and field testing
    • DFx (manufacturing/assembly/recyclability)
    • Mechanical design
    • Mechanical engineering and tooling
      • Visual identity and brand design services
      • Design of collaterals (user manuals/training modules)
      • Packaging solutions
  • Mechanical Engineering

    RK Telesystem provides services in the area of design for manufacturing and assembly and design for harsh environments. Our teams are equipped with the latest design software tools and a wide range of high-end measurement devices for environmental, mechanical, material measurements, and testing.

    • Mechanics conceptualization
    • Detailed design work
    • Design for manufacturing and assembly
    • Tooling support
    • Mould Flow analysis
    • Tolerance analysis
    • Manufacturing ramp-up support
    • Rapid prototyping using partner network
    • Mechanics and material testing
  • Electronics System Design

    As part of our total product design portfolio, RK Telesystem provides professional baseband, embedded and user interface, electronics design, and testing services for companies that are designing products requiring excellent hardware performance. The hardware laboratory is equipped with multi-channel oscilloscopes up to 6 GHz. We are equipped with USB performance testers and an infrared camera laboratory for thermal measurements. RK Telesystem also has ESD testing capability and camera performance laboratory where we can measure camera, display, and ALS performance. RK Telesystem’s combination of baseband expertise and hardware laboratory facilities offers professional services for design and testing purposes.

    • Hardware conceptualization and definition
    • Baseband design
    • Hardware user interface design
    • Embedded electronics design
    • Camera, display and ALS verification measurements
    • Hardware performance testing and verification
    • Subjective tests, analysis and field tests
  • PCB Layout Design

    RK Telesystem provides professional printed circuit board and layout design for electronics and wireless products. The board design team uses Zuken, Mentor Graphics and PADS tools and is familiar with flex and multi-layer designs. RK Telesystem has excellent board design competences for high frequency signals and signal integrity. All design work is done in cooperation with hardware and mechanics engineers to ensure high performance and quality of designed board.

    • PCB Layout design
    • Component placement and design
    • Mobile handset engine board design: cellular and satellite communication
    • Base Station board design
    • Macro boards
    • Wing boards and flex board (FPC) design
    • RF block design
    • Test board design
    • Design for board assembly and manufacturing
    • Manufacturing documentation
    • Board manufacturing and assembly support
  • Hardware Testing
    • RF Performance
    • Antenna Design Verification and Testing
    • Audio Measurements
    • HWUI Testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Reliability Testing Automated Tester Solution

IC Design

RK Telesystem’s expertise in silicon design services and IC design services can transfer your product ideas into highly integrated ASIC and System on Chip (Soc) solutions at an optimum cost with a faster time-to-market. By choosing RK Telesystem as a service partner, semiconductor companies and independent manufacturers can get access to experienced engineers thus saving valuable time and complementing existing team for the duration of the project.

  • RTL to GDS-II
    • RTL to GDS-II design services include RTL development, Integration, linting, synthesis, formal verification, place, and route till GDS-II
    • IC design services include RTL creation, functional verification, logic synthesis, formal analysis, floor-planning, place and route, DFT, timing closure, and GDS-II output
    • Some of the business needs these offerings caters to are derivative SoC development, die reductions, timing closures, and system level verification
  • Design Verification
    • Design service projects in this category are focused on the logical verification process of a SoC to create high coverage stimulus using a metric-driven verification methodology
    • Executable verification plan, low-power verification, USB and PCIe integration verification. Also, Functional verification of cache coherent multiprotocol interconnect IP, Memory subsystem IP verification, Verify DDR3 PHY, DDR3 controller, RLD2/RLD3 PHY
    • Augment verification team, Develop verification environment using Verilog, Augment verification team, Functional coverage
    • o Some of the business needs these offerings cater to are Mobile platform development, OVM verification environment, AMS verification environment, and Metric-driven verification
  • DFT
    • Design for Test (DFT) is a design service on the front-end of design where the goal is to reach a high fault coverage goal by using design techniques such as scan chains and built-in test (BIST). These services include scan insertion, ATPG, timing closure, vector generations, and simulations
    • Some of the business needs these offerings cater to are cost savings, time-to-market, Memory testing with repair features, JTAG standards, 1149.1 and 1149.6, Analog IP testing and Full-chip scan
  • Analog to Mixed Signal Design and Verification
    • Combining both digital and analog IP on a single device is another specialty service offered by us.
    • Some of the business needs these offerings cater to are High efficiency, Programmable, Wide temperature range, High ESD tolerance, Japanese CAN standards, AMS verification, and eRM environment.
  • FPGA Design and Development
    • RK Telesystem offers services in traditional FPGA flows as well as using its ASIC methodologies to enhance the overall quality of the FPGA based design
    • End-to-end FPGA product development services include ASIC Prototyping on FPGA platform (Altera or Xilinx), RTL development, functional verification using native and 3rd party simulators, Synthesis of the design to target FPGA using native and 3rd party synthesizers, Place and route of design to target FPGA using native Place, and route tool (Xilinx ISE or Altera Quartus)
    • Real time testing of the design on the board using test and measurement equipment likes logic analyser and oscilloscope

Platform and Application Software

RK Telesystem offers firmware development as a part of the SoC development as well as independent service for semiconductor clients. Our services span across overall system design, BSP/device driver development, middleware/framework development and OS. We also cater to the need of hardware-software integration, validation and test automation, thus encompassing the complete lifecycle of the product or solution.

  • Multimedia
    • RK Telesystem’s multimedia solutions portfolio comprises an entire spectrum of software, frameworks and applications which are available on a range of widely used platforms such as ARM, DSP and FPGA that enable the delivery of rich multimedia content and unparalleled end user experience optimized for today’s chipsets and devices.
    • Speech – G.711, G.723.1, G.726/ADPCM, G.729 A/B, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, AMR-WB+, GSM-HR, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR
    • Video – MPEG-1, MPEG-2 MP@HL, H.263, MPEG-4 SP, WMV1/8, WMV9 MP, H.263, H.264
    • Audio – MPEG-1 Layer 1 & 2, MPEG-1 Layer 3, MPEG-2 / 4 AAC-LC, MPEG-2 / 4AAC+SBR, MPEG-4 AAC + SBR v2, MPEG-4 BSAC, WMA10 (Pro), WMA Voice, Dolby AC-3, SBC
    • Image – JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
    • Media Framework – Features: Media player, iPod, DLNA, YouTube, multiple input sources etc.
    • Audio post processing – Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Audio Equalization (AEQ) [10band], Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Call Progress Tone Generator, Sample Rate converter (SRC), Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
    • Video Processing and Analytics – Scaling, Resizing, Interlace to progressive conversion, video analytics
  • OS Porting
    • RK Telesystem offers migration and porting of operating systems across hardware platforms and middleware frameworks.
  • Modem Telephony
    • RK Telesystem specializes in wireless protocol stacks and satellite modem protocol stacks. We provide services on 3GPP wireless protocol stacks, including development, platform Integration, field readiness, maintenance, and support. RK Telesystem works on technologies such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE/ WCDMA/HSPA/LTE/TDS-CDMA.
  • Power and Performance
    • RK Telesystem offers to cater to the key challenges of system performance, latency issues of application, UI fluidity, connectivity, and multimedia issues among others.
  • Connectivity
    • RK Telesystem provides services to add, upgrade or replace the connectivity components of a platform or design. RK Telesystem has expertise in the following connectivity technologies – Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, GPS and Ethernet AVB.

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