Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power Technology Group-a division of RK Telesystem specializes in the design, development and manufacture of Custom switching power supplies and power systems according to customer’s specifications. We primarily serve Ground Space, Military, Nuclear, Industrial, Telecommunications, Railway and other O.E.M. Markets. Our military products are built to High Reliability and rugged MIL Spec Standards for a wide range of applications.

Our Power Supply Division can offer the following depending on application and design limits:

  • Single or Multiple AC or DC Input Power Supply.
  • Single Phase or Three Phase Inputs at 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz.
  • VME d Standard, single or multiple outputs N+1reduncancy.
  • CPCI, N+1 redundant.
  • Input Transients & Surge compliance to Mil-Std-704D/E
  • Rugged MIL COTS with 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, and 24/28V Inputs.
  • EMI/EMC compliance to EN or MIL-STD-461C/D/E
  • Reduced noise and ripple outputs.
  • Environmental testing to MIL-STD-810D/E/F
  • Wide range regulated outputs up to 6KW or more.
  • 19″ rack mounted system, or chassis mounted.
  • Plug in Cards, Rack Mount, Open frame, or Enclosed Case Packaging.
  • Rugged for shock and vibration.
  • Convection, Conduction, Cold Plate, Internal or External Fan Cooling.
  • High Efficiency > 90% and High Power density Packaging.
  • Wide range of DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Converters.
  • High voltage and/or low voltage multiple output or single outputs.
  • Standard and non-standard input and output connectors.
  • Status Indicators, Signal, and Monitoring Outputs.
  • Other custom requirements available.
RK Telesystem – The design team & production personnel are trained to workmanship standards.We design, develop and supply custom switch mode power supply for Military applications.Because our in house engineering and manufacturing team work together in a single location, we can design and manufacture new solutions very quickly and cost effectively. Our flexibility to customers, dedicated design & engineering team allows us to focus & address Customer Specific need on rugged, reliable, qualified power supplies.

RK Telesystem-Power Technology Group offers unique strength to its customers through a strong association with OEMs range of products which are field proven and highly reliable component with High Density Bricks. Unique customer electrical or mechanical requirements as well as EMI and surge suppression circuitry are added to design a complete custom power solution to every customer specification. This focus allows for a custom design with rapid prototyping and pilot production of highly reliable power supplies.

Some of our standard and catalogue products with proven reliability & qualified to Mil-Standards are the following:
For Defense Applications:
  • HV series high voltage power supply for stringent requirement in Military application.
  • Multiple Output DC-DC Power Supply for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (300W)
  • Dual Input & Multiple Output DC-DC Torpedo Power Supply (350W)
  • Multi-Output AC-DC Airborne Radar Power Supply (500W)
  • Multi-Output AC-DC Power Supply for Frequency Jammer(100W)
  • Single Output DC-DC Power Supply for Torpedo (600W)
  • Single Output DC-DC Power Supply for Missile (25W)
  • Multi-Output AC-DC Ground Radar Power Supply (30W)
  • Single Output AC-DC Power Supply for Gun Control System (1500W)

For Nuclear Plant Applications:

  • Single Output Clutch Power Supply (720W)
  • Multi-Output AC-DC Power Supply for Multi-Input Alarm System (320W)

For Industrial Applications:

  • Single Output DC-DC Power Supply for Hybrid Power Plant (1380W)
  • Dual Input and Multi-Output DC-DC Power Supply for SCADA system (250W)

For Traction/Railway Applications:

  • Dual-Input AC & DC, Power Supply for Traction application (120W)
  • Single Output Fault Redundant AC-DC Power Supply for Traction Control Panel (960W)
Telecom Power Supplies:
  • Multi-Output DC-DC Power Supply for Fiber Access System (60W)
  • Single Output AC-DC Power Supply for 2G/3G/4G LTE BTS Equipment (1200W)
  • Energy Savings Hybrid Power Systems
  • Rectifiers,Controllers, Solar Power Inverters ,Converters for telecom sites.
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