OEM Boards

OEM Boards

We provide a broad range of smart, low-cost, high-performance GPS/GNSS timing clock and test products for next generation communications networks, including telephone, mobile, big data, financial trading, internet, public and private.

Our products are well suited for some of the following applications:
  • Public & private wired network timing clocks
  • Big data network timing clocks
  • Network timing measurement & analysis instruments
  • GPS/GNSS timing clocks
  • NTP/PTP network timing clocks
  • Network synchronization clocks
  • 5G mobile network timing clocks
  • Financial trading network timing clocks
  • Stock market blockchain timing clocks
  • Lightning network timing clocks
  • eLoran network timing clocks
  • Clock ADEV stability¬†analyzers

The Principals represented by us are industry leaders and provide highly valuable, modular configurable units to their customers cost effective prices.List of OEM boards as following:

Time & Frequency ComponentsGPS Product & Solutions
High Precision Rubidium OscillatorsGPS Receiver Module for Telematics
Space Qualified Rubidium OscillatorsGPS Receiver Module for Vehicle Tracking
Oven Controlled Crystal OscillatorsGPS Receiver Module for Timing & Sync.
Temperature Compensated Crystal OscillatorsDigital Broadcasting Products
Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)Digital Receivers and Decoders
Synchronization & Reference Clocks8PSK/QPSK Twin Receiver
High Performance GPS reference sourcesMPEG-4 Receiver/Decoder
Low Cost GPS Pico reference unitQPSK Receiver/Decoder
GPS Time/Frequency SystemASI Receiver/Decoder
Dual Redundant GPS Time/Frequency SystemIP Distribution
Low Phase Noise GPS Time/Frequency SystemASI Gateway
GPS-Referenced Network Time Protocol ServerQAM Modulator
OEM GPS Time/Frequency EngineModulators
GPS Antenna Kits, Amplifiers and CablesAgile QAM Modulator
High Performance Time & Frequency SystemAgile Audio/Video Modulator
High Performance Active Hydrogen MaserEncoders, Multiplexers and Scramblers
High Performance Passive Hydrogen MaserMPEG-2/4 Encoder/Multiplexer
Rubidium Reference OscillatorsMultiplexer
High Performance Crystal OscillatorsTwin DVB Scrambler

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