M2M IoT Software + Services

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) projects follow a common technological paradigm: intelligent devices, seamlessly connected to the Internet, enable remote services and provide actionable data. From RK Telesystem’s point of view, the IoT acronym is more adopted in the consumer space while M2M has a stronger industrial connotation. For our purposes the two acronyms are equivalent, although we prefer M2M due to our industrial-grade hardware device manufacturing heritage.
RK Telesystem develops and offers the technical building blocks required to assemble distributed systems of devices and sensors which are effectively connected to IT infrastructures. M2M/IoT platform is a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks that dramatically accelerate the time to market of M2M / IoT projects and enable customers to layer their added-value components on a reliable read-to-use infrastructure.  From the individual developer to the largest system integrator, now with RK Telesystem solutions it is possible to cut time to market and deliver scalable, cost effective projects without the need to care about low level details and external infrastructure.

The combination of RK Telesystem software framework and the Cloud permit a dramatic acceleration of the completion of even the most complex project and dramatically reduce the overall costs, by eliminating the need to deal with the implementation of wired and wireless infrastructures, data management and storage, protocol translation and the integration in the business application.

M2M/ IoT Consulting and Solution Design

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) focus on transforming bits of data collected at the edge of a pervasive distributed system into actionable information and knowledge for business decision makers and end users. These transformations are driving the biggest change in industry since the steam engine!
However, they are not simple.

RK Telesystem helps you to discover the competitive advantage that these new technology can bring to your organization and puts you on the right track for a quick deployment on proven platforms and solutions.

That’s why our experienced M2M / IoT engineers are available to work closely with you and understand your unique needs. Through the analysis of your business processes and business drivers, we will work together to leverage M2M / IoT solutions to amplify your business through: cost minimization, increased productivity, new business models and revenue streams.

RK Telesystem helps customers and partners to enter this new fascinating dimension in the easiest and very fastest way with a suite of consulting and professional services. Engaging with our team of experts will enable you to move quickly with your projects and increase your ROI. Whether you are in the early stages of an M2M/IoT project, or in the latter stages of defining your offering, RK Telesystem’s experienced team of M2M/IoT specialists and partners will get you to market on time, on budget, and with a best-in-class solution.

Services offer include: 

Business Process Analysis and digitalization/servitization options: what data are needed and how they will be used 
Specification and Design of the proper M2M architecture with the proper data collection strategy 
Selection and Integration of the wireless connectivity technology (wireless providers and technologies) 
Design and Development of the user interface, web, and mobile app for a unique user experience 
Back-end Infrastructure and Platforms Integration device provisioning, security, data management & storage, account management & billing, analytics.

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