Fixed Network

Fixed Network

We provide an end-to-end portfolio of optical and data networking products covering access, metro and long-haul networks. Our products are used to build communication networks that carry voice, data and video traffic from fixed line, mobile and broadband networks over optical fibre.  We offer a diverse portfolio of products based on global technology standards, which enable telecommunications networks that are used to provide mobile, internet and broadband services, primarily over optical fibre. We broadly categorise our products as optical networking products and broadband access products. Our products can be flexibly configured as CPO, PTN and DWDM products as per the Communications Service Provider’s needs and traffic requirements in the telecommunications network. We offer broadband access products based on GPON technology for FTTX broadband access, wireless broadband access products based on 4G/LTE technology and enterprise Ethernet switches.We also provide intelligent network management software based on ITU standards, for easy deployment of large-scale networks. Our network management software enables unified management of our products from a graphical and web-based user interface. In addition, our products are designed to cater to the emerging trends in SDN and NF V-enabled. Our key optical networking products can be flexibly configured as CPO, PTN and DWDM products. Our products can also serve as platforms for broadband access based on GPON and 4G/LTE technologies.Our products can be deployed for multiservice aggregation in optical networks;ONT product can be deployed as a customer premise equipment in GPON networks.  We are also developing products for packet switching in LTE networks.

Converged Packet Optical

In legacy optical networks, data and voice traffic used to be transported by multi-service provisioning platform (“MSPP”) products as digital circuits based on synchronous optical networking (“SONET”) technology in North America and synchronous digital hierarchy (“SDH”) technology in the rest of the world. As the volume of data traffic on telecommunications networks has increased due to the emergence of high-speed residential broadband services, 3G/4G mobile internet and business Ethernet services, traditional MSPP products are being displaced by three new product categories: converged packet optical (“CPO”), packet transport networks (“PTN”) and dense wavelength division multiplexing (“DWDM”) products.

Network traffic can be in the form of circuits, which are connections used for carrying voice traffic or provide fixed capacity leased lines, or in the form of individual packets of data that are used for internet access. CPO products can simultaneously support transport, processing and switching of both circuit and data traffic. Our CPO products are based on an “Any Transport Network” (“XTN”) architecture that permits the same product to smoothly transition from being a pure circuit switching configuration to a packet-circuit hybrid switching configuration, and eventually into a pure-packet configuration as the proportion of data traffic increases. This flexibility allows Communications Service Providers to optimise their network infrastructure and cost-effectively alter their network to address traffic variances and customer demands. Our CPO products are designed to support multiple circuit and data technologies such as Ethernet, OTN, MPLS, SDH/SONET and ROADM carried on a single optical wavelength or on multiple wavelengths. Our CPO products  are deployed in access, metro and long-haul networks. The target customers for these products are telecommunications service providers.

Packet Transport Networks

PTN products are used by telecommunications operators when the proportion of circuit traffic (which may be predominantly voice) in their networks is low compared to data traffic. PTN products are optical networking products that primarily transport data traffic and can also transport voice traffic by emulating it as packets of data.

Our PTN products allow service providers to build PTNs with ease of operations administration, network maintenance and efficient fault isolation and fault recovery features. Our PTN products are designed to support advanced data networking technologies, such as MPLS-TP, circuit emulation and Carrier Ethernet. The target customers for our PTN products are telecommunications service providers delivering data and circuit traffic on their networks.


An optical fibre carries traffic in the form of light pulses. Through multiplexing, DWDM technology enables the transportation of multiple wavelengths of light of different colour simultaneously over the same fibre, thereby allowing large volumes of data to be transported over a single optic fibre. Advanced CPO products are often integrated with DWDM functions.

Our DWDM products are high-density and high-capacity optical networking products that have the ability to combine over 80 light wavelengths on a single optical fibre over thousands of kilometres, resulting in cost savings for our customers. Our DWDM products in multiple chassis sizes and a range of line cards to deliver a variety of services and applications in metro and long-haul networks. Our DWDM products are designed to support advanced optical technologies, such as OTN, ROADM, and 100 Gbps optics. The target customers for our DWDM products are telecommunications service providers that are building high-capacity optical networks by optimising on the number of optical fibres to reduce the cost of transmission per bit.

GPON based Fiber Broadband Access

In recent years, telecommunications service providers are deploying gigabit passive optical network (“GPON”) and long-term evolution (“LTE”) broadband access technologies to address the growing demand for high-speed mobile and fixed broadband connections in access networks. GPON based Broadband Access Products GPON technology enables optical fibre based FTTX broadband access. GPON technology complies with the standards prescribed by the ITU. GPON based broadband access comprises an optical line terminal (“OLT”) that is installed at a service provider’s exchange location, which connects multiple optical network terminals (“ONTs”) installed at the customer premises. GPON technology uses passive splitters in the field, which reduces the overall fibre requirements in a service area thereby leading to lower network costs. We have introduced broadband access products based on GPON technology for FTTX broadband access on our ONT platforms. Our GPON based products offer both OLT and ONT solutions. Our GPON based products for OLT solutions can be offered either as a line card to be integrated into existing optical networking products deployed by a customer or as a separate product. The target customers for our GPON based products are service providers who need to deliver high-capacity fixed-line broadband services to residential customers and reliable high-speed data connectivity services to businesses.  Know more...