ERP System

We offer a robust, scalable and a flexible ERP solution, designed to resolve organizational challenges.It is a complete system to take care of all information management needs across different business functions. Integrated architecture reduces information silos and facilitates accurate information recording and processing to cater unique/dynamic needs of business functions like manufacturing, retail, supply chain, etc.

Total Integrated ERP Software Solution for below business:
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain (Wholesale & Distribution)
  • Manufacturing
  • Wellness & Fitness (Salon & Spa)
  • F & B (Restaurant Management)
  • Small Industries

Our ERP’s consolidated architecture with great versatile features makes our customised ERP much appreciated multi-vertical, multi-company business solution.

A Robust , Comprehensive & Agile ERP Software Solution for:
  • MULTI – Company
  • MULTI – Location
  • MULTI – Business
  • MULTI – Vertical
Benefits – Scalability & Multiple Functionalities:
  • Single application or integrated ERP at all organizational levels like Ho, warehouse, Sales office, Delivery Centres, factories, as well as RETAIL Business at all POS, Franchisee, in both way offline standalone or real time –online across all value chains.
  • SCM or Distributions Organization all C&F , stockiest, Super-stockist,Dealers distributors network can be connected either online real time scope or offline synchronization mode with out manual intervention.
  • Inbuilt browser based Reporting System(online), Access to Tablets and Smart Phones enabled applications enhances the boundary of your official premises.
Benefits – Technical:
  • Latest technology both at front end and back end.
  • Inbuilt reports configuration from a report menu with scalable scope of input columns readily available as well as option to insert required column and values from database with incorporate query analyzer.
  • Runtime jumbling , hiding, unhiding columns of reports.
  • Clipboard and export to excel , PDF, ,RTF,CSV.
  • Schedule back of database within ERP application other than OEM backup.
Cloud Computing

Online-hosted cloud based applications helps to save on implementation costs, service costs and triggers custom information flow as required by end users. Features like real-time access to information, Hi-Speed communication, reduced workload shifts and full support makes it a popular cost efficient solution.

A robust , Comprehensive & Agile ERP Software Solution for:
  • Real-time Data of all Remote Locations like POS and Distributors
  • Real-time Scheme & Promotions
  • Real-time Inventory visibility across POS and Channel partners
  • Real-time MIS to Sale Team
  • Better replenishment to POS and Distributors
ERP Solution for Apparel, Footwear, Lifestyle & Fashion

The Niche and vertical specific ERP for our Vertical is customer requirement centric business application designed, guided , tested and has been run by most of the giant customers. Thus the solution now an overwhelmed and loaded with benefits those are facilitated to all existing customers.

The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of Retail Store Operations, Point of Sales, Sales & Distribution ,Production Process, Warehouse Management with Rack & Space management. It can integrate all business organization or departments like payroll, accounts, CRM and e-commerce with all the above departments or business units.

ERP Solution for Departmental Stores, Superstores, Hypermarkets, FMCG & Packaged Foods

The three major challenges in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market, and what will make or break a company, are marketing, distribution and repetitive manufacturing. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, LOGIC ERP is designed to help you manage the campaign and monitor profitability. You can track the effectiveness of the overall campaign or a specific product bundled into an incentive campaign: “buy two tubes of toothpaste and get one free shampoo.” With RK Telesystem ERP, you can manage multiple distribution channels, from retail chains and individual storefronts to the Internet and retail partners. Control costs while remaining competitive, and track your connection customers.

ERP Solution for Pharmaceuticals, Chemists, Fertilizers, Distribution and C&F

It is a specialized vertical ERP for Pharmaceutical industry, devised to resolve business challenges optimally and to make operations much profitable.Pharma industry is a complex business where high number of competitors, strict compliance mandates, and complex product mix increase worries for business planners. In addition, perishable inventories, large spread networks, and fluctuating demands, propels a high need to incorporate advanced technologies, to strategize processes to meet time-bound market pressures.

Our ERP brings intense industry expertise to offer a best solution for the high-sensitive industry. It addresses strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Quality Parameters, Volume Production Concerns and offers key functionalities to help you respond innovatively to changing market needs and capitalize on emerging opportunities. It is one complete solution to take care of all critical to business functions from Planning to Sales, simultaneously adhering to regulatory mandates for retail, wholesale, dealer & distributor networks.

ERP Solution for Electronics, White Goods, Home Appliances and Mobile & Accessories

Businesses in the home appliance, Electricals & Telecom industry, from manufacturing to distribution, are all feeling the effects of the new realities of the global economy. In addition to innovation and new product management combined with shorter product life cycles, manufacturers must be on top of government and industry regulations, tight supply chain management and more. Retailers need to successfully manage various payment options and credit scenarios for both suppliers and customers, enable marketing campaigns and customer loyalty schemes and manage stocks and deliveries.

Our ERP offers you a proven solution to increase productivity and profitability and meet the growing demands of this industry. Our ERP will help you manage vendors and subcontractors, track and maintain procurement, operations and material management. Business Process Management features allow you to set up rules and conditions, and to receive alerts or notifications when certain conditions are met. The Warehouse Management System will enable you to find the components you need and deliver items in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Every aspect of your business can be interconnected with the our ERP system, including purchase planning and requisitions, production control, delivery schedules and shipments, contracts and billing. Manufacturing operations, finances and administration can be unified within the same program, providing consolidated information for quicker and more accurate analysis, and more efficient processes.

ERP Solution for Wellness, Beauty Salon, Day Spa, Medi Spa & Fitness Centers

Personalized wellness has increasingly become ingrained as a part of healthy lifestyle, complementing scientific and medical approaches. India enjoys a surge with affordable medical tourism, Ayurvedic spas and many famous practices of Yoga, driving visitors from corners of the world.

Increased popularity of Wellness Spas, Slimming Clinics, SPA resorts, at global platform invites heavy competitions, where concerned entrepreneurs continuously lookout for innovative measures to enhance profitability and branding.

However, dealing with rare inventories, perishable stocks and elite groups of customers, and managing multiple outlets to ensure best quality services at profitable prices becomes much challenging.

B2C e-commerce integration:

B2C e-commerce integration is much invited today, enabling entrepreneurs to expand their reach to the markets,enhance customer loyalty and increase service standards to establish a prominent brand.

Our Enterprise B2C e-commerce platform offers enhanced online customer self-service experience. With functionalities to aid web stores management, it expedites uploading and deleting products onto the websites from user defined ends, allows creating web pages directly from the B2C batch master, assists in managing catalogs and individual items, sales templates, assignment catalogs etc.

Custom integration with business ERP helps to record and maintain process business transactions simultaneously across different web-stores and with greater accuracy.Also, features to support Omni-retail channels facilitates efficient business information recording and processing e.g. demand analyses, inventory status, production scalability, analyzing seasonal fluctuations and customer intent.

Key Benefits
  • Broadcast on the web pages.
  • Add extra content like supplement facts panel, technical specifications or MSDS.
  • Identify promotional items and featured items.
  • Reduced Inventory management, orders management, shipments and accounts management costs.
  • Optimized marketing programs

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