Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Partnering with RK Telesystem will enhance productivity in operations and improvement in the way people collaborate within an organization.

Digital Transformation Solutions That Accelerate Business

We design responsive websites, mobile applications ,Internet of Things (IoT) and transform your business ideas into reality at the lowest cost, which enables you to drive digital transformation, productivity, and growth.

Bringing digital and transformation together

RK Telesystem helps organizations assess where they stand on their journey to become a digital organization. The tool raises crucial questions around key dimensions such as digital-first mindset, digitized practices, empowered talent, and data & tools capability.With extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, RK Telesystem is strategically placed to help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitization.

Adapt technology to meet the 24×7, anytime, anywhere demands of customers, employees and partners.
IT Service Management

Enable innovation with intuitive and intelligent service delivery for today’s mobile, social and collaborative business users.

IT Operations Management

Optimize your operations infrastructure with actionable data from monitoring, automation, capacity and analytics tools.

IT Automation

Get best-practices guidance, products, and services to implement IT automation effectively and maximize its business value.

Workload Automation

Automate job scheduling workloads quickly and accurately across systems, applications, databases and dependencies.

Cloud Management

Drive agility, ensure compliance, and manage complexity across heterogeneous environments.


Deliver the fast, reliable infrastructure your business needs with mainframe solutions that streamline IT and dramatically lower costs.

Examples of our client assignments include:

  • Helping a yellow pages company transform into an online leader
  • Refining the digital ecosystem for a major national government
  • Developing a digital strategy for a major music company
  • Defining a smart home strategy for a major utility company
  • Establishing the digital marketing organization for a global mobile handset manufacturer
  • Designing a new operating model of a global distribution company
  • Creating a multi-channel solution for a leading retail bank to deliver an integrated customer experience – multi-channel