M2M IoT Gateways

Multi Service IoT Gateways

  • M2M / IoT Gateways close the gap between devices in the field and the Cloud, where data is collected, stored and manipulated by business applications.
  • The M2M / IoT Gateways, instantiate a bidirectional communication between the field and the Cloud; moreover, high-end IoT Gateway offer local processing and storage capabilities to provide offline services and almost real time control over the devices in the field.
  • Multi-Service IoT Gateways are ideally suited for M2M applications to connect sensors, actuators, and devices to the business enterprise.
  • Key functionalities include a wide array of secure connectivity solutions through cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee networks.
IoT Gateways

Intelligent IOT Gateway, which Includes 433MHz Radio, WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa, BLE and Ethernet

  • The wireless router core chip MTK7688, onboard 16M flash, 128M DDR2 RAM.
  • Support the basic functions of WIFI wireless router.
  • Open Linux system, based on Openwrt, can be secondary programming.
  • Support Socket transparent, HTTP,MQTT, SSL and other means of communication.
  • Built-in configuration page.

Industrial Modbus Gateway, Modbus RTU/ASCII Device

  • Power : DC 5~36V
  • Support RS232/RS485 or RS422
  • Ethernet accessory
  • Internal webpage to control and monitor
  • Auto query Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave device

Smallest Embedded IoT Gateways

Delivering seamless and secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connectivity, allows OEMs to go to market faster with their smart IoT solutions.

  • Robust dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.2 (xPico 250)
  • Soft AP+Client allows for device access without disrupting machine field operation
  • Security ensures enterprise level security of both data-at-rest and data-in-motion
  • Serial and Socket technology supports¬†a¬†wide range of communication protocols
  • Industrial grade design for operation in extreme environments (-40 C to +85 C)

HSPA+ Intelligent Gateway

HSPA+Intelligent Gateway and Application Server, 2 Serial Ports, 2 Digital Inputs, Relay Output, USB, 10/100Base-T, 2 Antennas, Industrial Temperature, Universal Power Supply with Regional Adapters, RoHS.

High Speed 3.5G HSPA+ Intelligent Gateway and Application Server

It is an industrial grade 3.5G wireless solution offering Penta-band HSPA+ performance, network redundancy, and enterprise-level security for mission critical applications, time sensitive event tracking, and M2M connectivity.

Flexible & Robust

It is a flexible and robust intelligent gateway and application server in a compact industrial-grade IP30 rated housing. It is ideal for deployment in remote locations either as a primary wireless connectivity to host multiple devices or as a backup when Ethernet connectivity fails. As with any it is designed with ease of use in mind without compromising security.

Safe & Secure Remote Access

Features the industry-proven device server application suite and enterprise-level security (SSL, SSH, AES) allowing safe and secure remote access and management from practically anywhere.

Customization & Versatile M2M Solution

With three primary connectivity modes (Ethernet-to-Cellular Routing, Serial-to-Cellular Tunneling, and Serial-to-Ethernet Tunneling),customizable event tracking/notification, and multiple configuration modes (Web browser, CLI, and XML), it is an extremely versatile, secure, and easy to manage M2M wireless solution.

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