Business Management Software

In a dynamic business environment organizations should acquire agility and respond faster to escalating demands – while avoiding operational risks or organizational upheavals. They also need to ensure regulatory compliance, while enabling business growth.It is challenging to upgrade infrastructure, consolidate redundancies, and navigate complex shareholder matrices built over the years. Organizations need an experienced partner who can help them achieve this agility with minimal disruptions while ensuring a smooth transition.

RK Telesystem’s Business Management software tools allow our clients to understand how their businesses are performing in real time and at all levels of their organisations.RK Telesystem provides complete software solution for every level of your business.

A key component of RK Telesystem’ digital strategy includes:

  • Advanced platforms underpinned by industry best practices for improved customer experience.
  • End-to-end service delivery with a ready-to-use hosted platform along with business operations supported by round-the-clock monitoring and management capabilities.
  • Flexible pay-as-you-use model that helps optimize capital expenditure (CAPEX), resulting in predictable operational expenses that are proportionate to business volumes.

By partnering with RK Telesystem, enterprises can benefits:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership up to 30%:
  • Ensure 10 to 20% savings through automation of repetitive tasks and self-service capabilities guided
    by virtual agents
  • Generate 10% savings by optimizing platform performance and ensuring coordination of technology updates
  • Enable 5 to 7% savings through standardization
  • Drive 20 to 25% through right sourcing, with improved service level agreement (SLA) compliance and optimized operational expenses.

Our Solution

Accelerate your transformation journey while ensuring no disruption of existing operations.Our Partnership in implementation of Business Management Software helps:

  • Identify inefficiencies quickly with due diligence of as-is operations, and benchmarking of operations and processes.
  • Develop a transformation roadmap by identifying redundancies, structuring a legacy transformation plan, and identifying candidates for optimization.
  • Sustain operations profitability by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, and scaling performance up or down to meet requirements, while optimizing expenses.

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