Carrier Software

Carrier Software

RK Telesystem Private Limited designs, builds and manages smarter data networks for telecoms globally. RK Telesystem is a pure-play telecom focused business that develops & delivers optical communication products, system integration services and OSS/BSS software solutions.

Digital MVNO

With the next generation IP network deployments gaining globally, Mobile Virtual Network operators (MVNOs) are seen as partners in growth and innovation by operators. With the introduction of digitization, MVNOs are transforming themselves into a Digital MVNO.With Digital MVNO solution, MVNO can roll out multiple digital services to create digital experience for their digitally savvy customers and differentiate in a saturated market and become profitable.   Work With Us

  • Multi Tenancy ,B2B&B2C Commerce
  • Digital Care ,Notifications & Alerts
  • Billing & Revenue Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Integrated CRM & Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Data Integrity and Security


Wi-Fi roaming platform

Wi-Fi roaming platform enables CSPs to untap lucrative business opportunities and enable subscribers to stay connected wherever they travel with Wi-Fi roaming platform.Offering Wi-Fi roaming solution to international travellers is ready business platform for CSPs to offer differentiating service offering as well as add revenue generating solution using the existing hotspot network. CSPs can also bundle it with the operators existing service offering and enable users to access Wi-Fi quota during their travel. The transparency in the choice of roaming plan also enables subscribers to avoid high data costs.

Solution Highlights

Key features
  • Globally connected hotspot network
    The Wi-Fi Roaming platform has the capability to integrate with multiple CSP network and cater the needs of roaming subscribers which enables in creating a Globally Connected Hotspot Network.
  • Complying to latest Wi-Fi standards
    Operators can overcome the challenges of that lack standard roaming agreements, device standards, inconsistent user experience and irregular cost of roaming, seamless authentication, 3G/4G/LTE- Wi-Fi Interworking and monetization models as well as techniques.
  • Interoperability and network agnostic
    To overcome the barriers, Wi-Fi Roaming solution has been designed and developed to handle centralized authentication for roaming and partnership scenarios. It is interoperable with global roaming providers and supports various roaming standards including SIGTRAN, WiSPr, Hotspot 2.0 and AAA proxy.
  • Any Device – Anytime – Anywhere
    Wi-Fi roaming can become interoperable and function efficiently only when there is standardization across all constituents involved – mobile device, access point and service provider. Solution complied to Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 regulations offers standardized hotspots and devices to work together automatically.
Key business benefits
  • Enhance customer experience
    Offering global coverage will help in offering enhanced customer experience even during international travel. Customer will have the flexibility to connect low cost network but enjoy high quality service through single connection and single provider.
  • Adding value to offerings
    Enabling Wi-Fi roaming along with the existing mobile roaming services helps in enhanced service offerings to customers to access more data at lower rates. Subscribers can enjoy local Wi-Fi breakout and avoid bill shock.
  • Increase in usage and revenue
    Offering differentiating service to high value subscribers who choose Wi-Fi roaming bundled packages along with cellular data helps in increased revenue for operators.
  • Enhanced business reach
    By partnering with global operators and enhancing reach to international network customers, operators have immense opportunity to leverage the ready platform to enhance and expand their business operations across different countries. Complex integrations are made easy with the Wi-Fi Roaming solution.

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