10 GBE Capacity MW Links

10 GBE Capacity MW Links

We offer microwave links up to 10Gbps and 40Gbps aggregate throughput in 70-80GHz E-band spectrum and 2.5Gbps in 60GHz V-band.It is a high speed point-to-point Wireless transmission technology complementary to FSO and Licensed Microwave, offering high speeds in city areas where traditional licensed microwave frequencies are often congested, and at distances exceeding those available with FSO.

10Gbps MW links are fully shipping today and available, and feature advanced technology to ensure highest capacity, highest availability and longest range.

Advanced MW Technology for Real 10 GBE Capacity

10Gbps MW links utilise the latest generation technology with 128/256QAM modulation to achieve genuine, uncompressed 10 GigE Full Duplex Capacity using 70GHz/80GHz E-band spectrum with ultra high Spectral Efficiency.

The 10 GigE MMW links feature Automatic Coding and Modulation (ACM) which dynamically adjusts the modulation which is especially relevant for long distances, rainfall and other causes of fade.

Choices of 30 and 60cm antennas cover the longest and shortest distance link requirements to ensure all customer wireless networking needs are met.

10Gbps Optical SFP+ interfaces allow direct connection to compatible 10 GigE Ethernet ports on connected customer equipment such as 10 Gig Ethernet Switches, Routers and Servers.

Aggregation up to 40Gbps is offered for customers with very high speed connectivity requirements

Wireless Back haul Applications

CableFree 10Gbps MMW Link
10Gbps MW installation

Typical applications for 10Gbps MMW include 4G/LTE backhaul, ISP backbone links as well as corporate/Enterprise and Government campus, Public Safety/Police/Safe City and urban networks.

For Cellular 3G/4G/LTE operators, “Front Haul” links using CPRI are offered which allows remote positioning of the base station antennas, enhancing coverage and increasing flexibility of network deployment.

Ideal for Fiber Resilience

10GigE MW links are ideal for “Fibre Resilience” where customers who have leased or dedicated fibre circuits and cannot risk outage or downtime.  The MW link can carry the full traffic with no slow-down, latency or compression, ensuring user connectivity is uninterrupted.

Complete range of MW links

We offer a complete range of MMW links from 100Mbps up to 2.5, 5 and 10Gbps and CPRI options.

We can supply MW links in 58-62GHz (V-Band), 70-80GHz (E-Band) and 40GHz also, with a range of antenna options for short and long distance links

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