Field proven wireless connectivity solutions for Freight Rail Transportation

Connected operations perform efficiently and increase safety for Freight Rail Transportation. As more sensors and cameras are added to improve […]

Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Mining

Mining companies leverage wireless communications to increase productivity to ensure employee safety. The worksite consists of autonomous trucks, drilling machinery, […]

Classroom, School and Campus Wi-Fi Solutions

Today’s educational multimedia enables students to reach beyond the classroom, so the entire school campus needs to be connected. At […]

Wireless Networks for Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Connectivity Solutions for real time monitoring, measurement, and analytics that optimize performance and efficiency When accumulated and […]

Public Wi-Fi Solutions

Reliable, Affordable Public Wi-Fi Provides everyone a Full Experience they can Share Wireless technology reduces the complexity and cost of […]

Wireless Networks for Smart Cities

Smart Cities planners can now leverage information, communication technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create and manage safe, […]

High Capacity Microwave Radios

Our Point to point wireless connectivity solutions, enabling microwave communications and millimeterwave links for macro-cell and small-cell wireless backhaul networks, resolves […]

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

RKTPL empowers enterprises of all sizes to build affordable, reliable, high-performance connectivity that adapts to meet changing needs. Applications Data, […]