Create an engaging learning experience with real-time audio-video communication and instant messaging

Get all the tools you need to deliver impactful corporate training with a better ROI
Save time, cost and efforts by conducting your corporate training programs online with our affordable and scalable Virtual meeting & training platform


Quick setup
Access training software from any internet browser
Virtual Presence Anywhere
No need to download any software or plugins like Flash or Java.
Online course/training program builder
Store your training content and turn it into scheduled courses with multimedia assets 
Evaluate your course/training
Monitor participation and assess performance of your trainees through advanced analytics
Mobile learning
Ensure easy accessibility with our iOS and Android mobile app for trainees

e Learning tools

Employ tools and features in your training sessions like interactive whiteboards, polling, screen sharing and breakout rooms

Create and sell online courses

Leverage to create and sell interactive courses to be consumed for self-paced or live classes.


Deliver learning on the go

Mobile apps for Android and iOS make learning portable and accessible 24/7 on personal, handheld devices.

Take your training online

Deploy our software to take your training operations online and expand into new markets with minimum investment.
Train your customersCreate branded learning portal with our software to train your customers on new software via online tutorials or live classes.

Create MOOCs easily

Expand your reach, enroll students from around the world, and generate additional revenue stream with MOOCs.


Train your partners

Use our software to train your external stakeholders – partners, promoters, franchise owners and traders.
Conduct your training online for a higher ROI

With the rise of a tech-savvy generation, eLearning is gaining momentum. The perpetual time scarcity, the advent of multi-national companies and today’s global workforce are few other factors that call for a flexible and cost-effective way of knowledge transfer using an LMS Software.

These factors are driving the search for affordable and effective training software, irrespective of the type of training service you provide – whether you are a corporate wanting to build training programs internally, or you are a training institute looking to sell training courses to corporates.Even, several institutes use vocational training software to offer professional courses online.

With an online training software, it has now become possible to train the entire workforce, customers, channel partners, vendors and other stakeholders online. Here are some benefits of using an online training software:

  • Ensures 24/7 accessibility of training course content
  • Offers flexibility to enroll and finish the self-paced training courses
  • Saves travel time of your trainees
  • Easy to use without requiring software or plugin downloads
  • Saves the overall cost of training with no expenses on infrastructure and rentals and the option to re-use recorded content
  • Offers global reach with the internet as a medium and features such as multilingual support and screen sharing
  • Easy logistics and minimal hardware requirement
  • Scalable storage, learning management system and analytics to track your training sessions

How to select an online training software?

The usability, accessibility and performance of your online training software decide the success of your corporate training program. Few of the major factors to consider in selecting an online training platform are the quality of audio-video communication, cost, speed and scalability of the platform. Here are some of the key points which will help you in making the decision:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Quick to set up
  • Customization
  • Data security
  • Multilingual support
  • Evaluation
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Scalability

What entails training and how can our training software help?

Every training session is unique, and there is no general recipe to seal its success. What you can do before starting that session is making sure that all the chips fall in the right place. Let’s take a look at how online training software can help you in different types of corporate training programs:

B2B training

This type of training is conducted by B2B training institutes selling to corporates. Companies look for an affordable and scalable online training software when they go for a third-party training provider. The scale and cost of their training exercise should be met with equally efficient resources.

  • Provide a cost-effective online training platform
  • Customize the white-labelled online platforms and get a branded interface
  • Provide custom URLs to your trainees
  • Offer easy accessibility without the need to download any software
  • Make your online training platform accessible via mobile app
  • Scale up to 500+ trainees and offer learning management system

B2C training

This training is conducted by B2C training institutes selling to professionals looking to upskill themselves for professional growth. These institutes require low-cost training delivery solutions which offer the basic eLearning tools and features like whiteboard, class analytics, breakout rooms and content format compatibility.

  • Offer affordable and high-quality video streaming with Virtual Classroom
  • Integrate with other LMSs with Virtual Classroom plugin
  • Offer global reach and multilingual support
  • Provide comprehensive training delivery solutions with secure data storage, insights, test and assessments, breakout rooms and interactive whiteboard

Employee training

It is crucial for an organization to keep up with the ever-evolving business space and train their employees for sustainable development. Engaging and productive training programs help the employees grow with the company. Having a perfect online training delivery software is a must to train employee.

  • Default self-paced induction courses for employee on-boarding and off-boarding could save a lot of time
  • Product or customer service training could be conducted with our Virtual training software across geographies in real-time. The sessions could be recorded for re-runs.
  • Trainers can mentor employees remotely during an off-the-job training exercise and provide training-related lectures and conferences to trainees located in different places
  • Technical training could be either given as real-time and instructor-led or as self-paced courses so that employees have the flexibility of time
  • Self-paced courses could be designed and delivered step-by-step for a Job Instructional Technique (JIT) training

Extended enterprise training

Vendors, distributors, channel partners, resellers, franchise owners, suppliers, channel partners and sales agents are a part of the extended enterprise of a company. They can be trained using a partner training software when a new product or service is launched or a new feature or update in the original product or service has come in.

  • Conduct real-time training with Virtual Classroom for your vendors and partners
  • Sales agents in different locations could be collectively trained with our online training software
  • If a new partner, vendor or agent is being made a part of the enterprise, he/she can be provided with default self-paced courses or recorded sessions of previous training programs
  • On-the-job training methods like coaching and mentoring could be replicated online to train vendors and partners
  • Soft skills training programs for communication and behavioral skills could be made interactive with features such as polling, break-out rooms, interactive whiteboard and media player

Customer training

Companies need to provide training to customers when they are launching a new product/service to make them aware of the launch. It’s an important step in bringing customers on board or retaining the existing customers. An effective customer training software could make your product or service more appealing to customers.

  • Conduct marketing webinars with webinar hosting capabilities
  • Service based companies could give a comprehensive understanding of their offering with multimedia training programs
  • Use interactive whiteboards, multimedia assets and training activities to increase brand recall and customer retention
  • eLearning tools could be employed to design management games, role playing or In-basket training programs
  • In the event of a new update to service or product upgrade, let your customers know all about it in real-time with product tutorials and demo videos.
Live Meeting
GoTo Meeting
Presenter operating systems supportedUse either a PC or Mac for presentingWindows, MacWindows, Mac, LinuxWindowsWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
Guest operating systems supportedDo not ask your guests to change their setupWindows, Mac, Linux; Use App for viewing on iPad, iPhone, AndroidWindows, Mac, LinuxWindowsWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
No software downloads required for guestsInstant web presentations to guest who can use their favorite operating system and browserYesNoNoNo
Desktop showing and sharingShow or share your desktop to many people over the InternetYesYesYesYes
Region showing and sharingRetain privacy of your screen and share only the regions you wantYesNoNoNo
Slow participants do not impact experience of othersConsistent performance allows you to focus on the presentationYesYesYesYes
Set up meetings in advanceOrganize future meetings and send an email invitation in advance of the meetingYesYesYesYes
Basic voice teleconferencing (dial-in support)Combined solution for voice and presentations simplifies meetings and saves moneyYes-FREEYes-ExtraYes-ExtraYes-FREE
Integrated audio via computerVoice and presentation controls in one interface means effortless online meetingsYesYesYesYes
Meeting recordingThe ability to record and play back your recorded meetingsYesYesYesYes-Windows, OSX 10.6 or newer
Adjustable color quality 8, 16-bit & true-colorUse lower quality for better performance when bandwidth is limited and higher quality when it needs to be picture perfect8, 16, & 24-bit16-bit only16-bit only24-bit only
Add a Join Form to your own websiteSend your guests to your own website to join a meeting where you use your own brandingYesNoNoCorporate Edition only
Private branding and integration available (OEMs and ASPs)OEM vendors, ASPs and corporations can quickly add GatherPlace functionality to their own applications or websitesYesYes-ExtraNoYes-Corporate only
Participant ListKnow who is looking at your presentation and disconnect when neededYesYesYesYes
Text ChatInteract with your audienceYesYesYesYes
Usage ReportsMonitor account activityYesYesNoYes-Corporate Edition
Pass presenter capabilities to othersSubject matter experts can co-present or customers can show you one of their applicationsYesYesNoYes
Grant guests remote control of shared applicationsAllow remote control to shared applications only for privacy and securityYesYesNoYes-single window (Windows only)
Lock conferenceNo one else will be able to interrupt your private meetingYesYesNoNo
Website/Mobile AppWe develop mobileready web app/andoird app too to boost your business sales online.We also integrate business intelligence softwares as per your business needs and we are capable to make your organization truly digitalYesNoNoNo
Video ConferencingShare video as well as screenYesYesNoYes

Which Plan is Right for Me?

  • Need to allow callers to join a meeting using audio from their computer?
  • Need to record your meeting?
Host for Mac OS X or WindowsYesYes
Web-based client for GuestsYesYes
Host for Mac OS X or WindowsYesYes
Optional Install for GuestsYesYes
FREE Annotation ToolYesYes
FREE Website IntegrationYesYes
Desktop or Region Viewing and SharingYesYes
Remote Control and SupportYesYes
Participant ListYesYes
Public and Private ChatYesYes
Toll-based Voice TeleconferencingYesYes
Lock ConferenceYesYes
Usage ReportsYesYes
Adjustable Color QualityYesYes
Hand RaiseYesYes
Invite WizardYesYes
Advanced Teleconferencing (Audio via Computer/VoIP)NoYes
Meeting RecordingNoYes

Who are our Customers?

  • Colleges/Universities for Higher Education i.e. Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, MBA Colleges, P.G.College,K-12 Schools & Colleges
    • Run Distance Education Programs Online to reach remote students.
    • Offer Continuing Education Courses for Working professionals
    • Flip Classrooms for more effective face-to-face class interactions
    • Schedule Virtual After Hours for academically weaker students.
    • Learn on-the-go with native application for Android and iOS for the iPhone and iPad.
    • Setup quizzes and build online tests for instant review and feedback.
  • Tutoring and Test Preparation Institutions
    • Live online one-to-many tutoring sessions
    • Live online 1:1 tutoring sessions
    • Q&A Sessions
    • Practice tests and assessment sessions
  • Enterprises for Virtual meetings and their staff/employees training program
    • Business to Partner/Dealer/Supplier: Deliver self-paced or live online training to channel partners, vendors, and external sales force.
    • Business to Customer/Consumer: Reduce support costs by delivering engaging, live online support sessions to customers.
    • Business to Employee: Offer economical, effective web-based training to employees across multiple locations and allow them to learn at their own pace.
  • Vocational Institutes & Learning Service Providers
    • Run online schools/academies: Offer self-paced courses, live classes, tests, assignment submission, etc.
    • Prove Value Added Services: Offer high-quality value added services to learners via web-based tutorials or instructor-led, live classes.
    • Course Marketplace: Publish online course catalogs in e-Learning Marketplace. Allow students to securely pay online and enroll in the course.
    • Continued Program: Offer continuing education programs online that adult learners can easily fit into their schedule.

We can customize our plan with your organization name and logo and offer to meet your requirements and expectations.We can also enhance the performance and productivity of your organization by integrating business intelligence software tools to boost your sales.So kindly click below to request a a quote.We will get back to you shortly with best plan for you.

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