Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions for workspaces of all sizes

Why should you opt for digital collaboration and videoconferencing spaces ?


A changing work environment, increased employee mobility, and an ever-growing number of tasks to be completed are pushing businesses to look for solutions that can reduce the costs associated with these changes and help their employees to work together more effectively. Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions from RKTPL are exactly what your business needs.

With our solutions, you can now collaborate with your employees, partners and customers anywhere in the world, whenever you choose.

Share documents and applications easily. React more quickly and create new opportunities for your business.


Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions hosted on your premises


Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions hosted in the cloud


Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions on a Hybrid model

State-of-the-art collaboration systems for meeting rooms of all sizes

Why choose RKTPL ?

The best solutions on the market

RKTPL partners with industry leaders to offer you state-of-the-art solutions. Opt for excellence and stay ahead of the competition.

An extension of your IT team

We take care of your solution so that your engineers can concentrate on strategic issues. Our top priority is to improve your company’s performance.

Proactive customer support

Our dedicated engineers manage your assets in real time, and take quick action to prevent incidents from interfering with your employees’ work.

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