We offer an unified software platform that disaggregates hardware and software creating a unified architecture.This abstraction of RAN and core network functions on a COTS server results in:

  • Heterogeneity across RAN and core enabling interop between all vendors and allowing to modernize networks or select best of breed for future ones;

  • Real-time responsiveness to subscriber needs through edge-centric architecture to deliver the best performance for voice and data, outdoors or indoors, across 2G/3G/4G/5G to reduce subscriber churn; and

  • OPEX reduction through network automation: with plug-n-play configuration and hands-free optimization, the professional services spend on deployment and maintenance is reduced by up to 80% to deliver much lower OPEX across past, present, and future networks.

For product data sheets or to order, please email info@rktelesystem.com

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