Ideal for Ocean liners, trains, airplanes

Solutions for sea and river vessels
  • Retransmission of TV channels from the KVH Satellite TV M7/M9, SAILOR 90 and other
  • Movies and TV series for passengers
  • Informational TV channel
  • Support for static and mobile devices
  • Emergency alert PA/GA
  • 12V Power supply

Solution for the underground
  • Broadcast of advertising and informational channel
  • 1 500 trains, 40 000 screens
  • Central management of the broadcast
  • Automatic switching to a local recording when connection is lost
  • Alarm notifications by signals from sensors

Solutions for trains, aircraft
  • Catalog of movies for passengers
  • The concept of BYOD – bring your own device
  • Information channel, flight data
  • Paid services
  • Ordering goods and services from the device’s screen

Turnkey solutions

1 day launching

The ability to broadcast
over Wi-Fi

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