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The transportation industry is moving full speed ahead towards digital transformation.In this increasingly globalized and urban world, transportation has become critical. Modern society requires traffic and transportation systems that are green, safe, efficient, and smooth. RKTPL provides convenient transportation through digital railway, urban rail, and smart airport solutions. Using cloud computing, Big Data, the IoT, agile networking, BYOD, 4g LTE, and 2g GSM.RKTPL’s  solutions increase ICT usage in the transportation industry and lead to optimal transportation services, convenient travel, efficient logistics, smooth urban traffic, and transportation safety.

We make it simple to get your assets running on the best network available, giving you insights to make your whole business more efficient and productive.

Our offering include following:

  • Bring new technologies and innovations and support transport industries to realize their projects before time into realities.
  • Provide consulting services to support their programs.
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • IoT, M2M, Survelliance & real time tracking solutions
  • Provide Private & Secure Communication Network to manage the confidentiality of enterprise communications and protection for anti wiretapping.

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