Power Supplies for Telecom

We use state of the art SMPS technology with high power density for our over 100 products ranging from AC-DC power supplies, Battery Chargers and DC-DC converters necessary for Distributed Power Architectures, through to Solar Charge Controllers.We also design, develop and supply power supplies as per customer’s specifications:

    • Customized AC-DC POWER SUPPLIES – From 100 Watts TO 1400 Watts.

    • Customized DC-DC CONVERTERS – From 40 Watts TO 1000 Watts.

    • Customized FCBC / BATTERY CHARGERS – From 75 Watts to 16.8 KWatt.

  • SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER – (12V/15A) available for charging batteries from Solar Panel
    • Input: 12V Solar Panel (12-22V DC)
    • Output: 13.8V/15A

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