Technology Partnerships

What is the definition of a RK Telesystem Technology Partner? A Technology Partner can be a technology company or a systems integrator wanting to work with RK Telesystem to create the deepest integrations and extensions to maximize efficiency in IT and Telecommunications.

Why partner with RK Telesystem?

RK Telesystem manages the largest partnership ecosystem of both client-driven integrations as well as innovation and technology partnerships in the global ICT technology market today. We also offer state-of-the art and many integration methods that rival our competition, aimed collectively to offer the best user experience and insight generating capabilities to our vast client base today.

Through the RK Telesystem  Partnerships program, we’ll work with you to engage more customers, increase sales and revenue, take innovative  and inspire improved outcomes. Whether you’re an OEM or have a technology solution, our  business partnerships can give you a solid platform for success.

Meet Our Technology Partners

Together with our technology partners, we have built the deepest integrations to help faculty save time, increase productivity & significantly improve student engagement.

Accelerate your growth with third-party IT & Telecom software& hardware integrations and commerce technologies that work seamlessly with RK Telesystem.

  Become a Technology Partner

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