RKTPL provides a wide range of services in the space market by educating them  about latest research in industry trends, modern technologies and the satellites market.RKTPL  provides consulting services in arranging cost-effective space mission and satellite launches.

We offer only space-qualified products & solutions to the space industry.Space-qualified products are field proven, compact solutions that meet space’s extreme environmental requirements, while reducing space, weight, and power consumption, along with total cost of ownership.

RKTPL works with various foreign partners, particularly with enterprises from South-East Region, Latin America, USA, France,Russia and Nicaragua. Commercial partnership with Russia is special for us. We work together effectively within the Russian-India Program of Cooperation in Space projects. RKTPL plays a coordinating role in this program, being in charge of certain activities.

RKTPL offers to potential customers integrated turnkey solutions based on satellite platforms for various purposes. Integrated solutions include satellite production, launch services, ground infrastructure, space atomic clocks , time transfer , GNSS Timing Center , data acquisition and processing from spacecraft, training, financing and insurance if required.

For efficient cooperation and timely progress in the joint projects, RKTPL provides customs support services for the customers. We assist in customs clearance procedures and paperwork.

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