RKTPL Currently deliver support to the users nationwide providing proactive monitoring and remote support this is a zero touch solution to the customer.

Remote support

Remote support is the fastest and most affordable way to resolve issues, RKTPL currently has a team of resources providing first and second level support to our customers from our Service Desk based in our offices . If required, and for complete coverage, where we cannot resolve an issue remotely, an engineer will be dispatched to site.

Client, server and mobile devices

RKTPL Services can support and manage your existing servers, client PCs, laptops and mobile devices. When the time comes to upgrade or replace any of your existing hardware or software RKTPL will recommend a new solution or upgrade path that fits your needs and budget. We will then install, setup and fine tune that solution in the quickest and least disruptive manner possible.

Managed Print Solutions

Did you know that your employees can waste nearly 400 hours a year on printing-related tasks and issues? Most business owners don’t realise just how much this can impact the overall productivity of their team.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud IaaS or Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and it’s one of the three service models available through cloud computing. Through this model, you can gain access to hardware off-site through internet and use it as you need.

SME Consultancy

The modern business environment is conducive for small to medium-sized enterprises. SME Consultancy competition is fierce but the potential for growth is high. If you don’t have a solid system and infrastructure in place, you won’t last against your competition. We at RKTPL will help you set up and maintain highly efficient IT infrastructure for your company.

Cloud email

With email hosted in the cloud you and your staff have access to your email from wherever you are and on whatever device you’re using with a service that’s safe, secure and automatically backs up all mail.

Cloud backup

RKTPL will recommend the cloud backup solution that best suits your organisation so that your systems, your data and every file you create or change is backed up safely offsite in a data centre.

File, Sync and Sharing

RKTPL offers a file sharing and synchronisation (FSS) solution with enterprise-grade functionality in a hybrid-cloud environment. RKTPL solution improves business continuity and reduces risk through better security, flexibility, productivity and collaboration of end-client data.

Offsite disaster recovery

RKTPL can provide and help you design and implement an offsite disaster recovery location to safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity, and limit financial losses during an outage.

RKTPL has a full range of options for small and medium sized businesses that give you all the support you need and within your budget.

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