Infrastructure as a Service

Your IT infrastructure and servers hosted in our high-security data centers on an “as a service” model.

Why opt for Infrastructure as a Service ?

A simpler, more agile and more competitive approach to IT.

Infrastructure as a Service

Design and manage your own IT infrastructure in the cloud

RKTPL can meet all of your needs :

  • Virtual machines (VMs)
  • Operating Systems
  • Website and intranet hosting
  • Business-specific application servers, CRM, ERP
  • Storage, recovery, backup
  • BRP/BCP strategy (business continuity plan
Avoid the problems and expenses associated with buying and managing your own infrastructure

RKTPL offers peace of mind with an Infrastructure as a Service solution that includes all the security and quality-of-service guarantees your business expects.

Customized resources

Enjoy maximum flexibility to scale your infrastructure and associated resources, from CPUs and RAM to storage capacity.

Benefits for your business

Infrastructure as a Service
witch to OpEx mode

With usage-based monthly billing, you can adapt your needs to current demand and pay only for the services you actually use. Avoid the cost and effort of creating your own data center, and opt for our Infrastructure as a Service solution.

Stay agile

Opt for processing power, flexible storage space and excellent network capacity. Innovate more quickly. Launching a product or a new venture? You can have an infrastructure ready to go in just a few minutes.

Improved business continuity and disaster recovery

We offer a service level agreement (SLA) that gives you outstanding availability, ensures business continuity and provides for recovery in case of disaster — without the heavy costs of paying for those services yourself.

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