Mobile operators ( MNOs) are still struggling to extend coverage to rural and remote areas due to lack and infrastructure. The use of our portable and fully outdoor base stations ( Network in- a Box) offers a quick and cost-effective solution that makes rural connectivity worthwhile.We are expanding mobile networks into rural areas via satellite.Our rural technical innovation focuses on low power consumption and small size to reduce both OPEX as well as site related CAPEX costs.

                            Macrocell vs our Small Cell in the same region 

The total cost of ownership ( TCO) of a three-sector macro cell network, over a five year period, is very expensive compare to our small cells deployed in the same region for better coverage and connectivity.It will save a lot of bandwidth, CAPEX and OPEX.

Whether by government mandate or strategic decision, expanding coverage to rural regions is an irreversible trend. Our Small Cells are uniquely suited to meet this need, and a tightly integrated VSAT providing satellite backhaul is its required complement.

GSM Deployments in rural areas for providing cost effective and quick deployment  can help deploy entire network in one step reducing time to market which is upgradable to 4G in future or 2G/4G can be deployed together.

These are low powered scalable networks that can grow with growing requirements of the rural demographics. They are low cost, easy to deploy and comprehensive solutions that can help create entrepreneurship model in rural networks.

We offer end-to-end GSM/4G LTE Network which include MSC/EPC/IMS, BSC/Core, Rural and Village sites including solar power and tower.These products can also be used for temporary deployment in a games village or for a temporary holiday camp or any greenfield deployment set-up over a few kilometers.

A low-cost solution that’s ideal for low density village communities, operator franchisee or standalone operator business models, Our GSM/4G LTE Site Solution can be easily connected with VoIP operator or Mobile Network Operator for quick service rollout.


  • Complete GSM/4G LTE Solution up and running in hours
  • Do-it-Yourself, compact & easy to transport with quick deployment
  • 3GPP/ETSI compliant and optimized for rural areas
  • Remote OMC
  • Easy-to-use; simple configuration page with multi-language support

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