We  have the technology we need to cure our addiction to oil, stabilize the climate and maintain our standard of living, all at the same time. By transitioning to sustainable technologies, such as solar power, we can achieve energy independence and stabilize human-induced climate change.

Increasing transportation efficiency is the best place to start efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a primary culprit in global warming. Of all CO2 emissions , about 33 percent comes from transportation.

By using our solar powered electric car,  you can achieve significant cost and environmental savings. By adding more batteries and recharging capability to gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, we can have plug-in hybrids that offer the range of hybrids (500 miles or more), plus the benefit of all-electric power for short trips, which dramatically reduces the amount of gasoline used. EVs require no gasoline whatsoever and, when recharged from renewable energy sources, produce zero total emissions.

In fact, even if we switched from gasoline cars to EVs and plug-in hybrids recharged by our existing utility grids (which mostly use fossil fuels), we would see a 42 percent national average reduction in CO2emissions. We are offering below 3 mini electric cars for daily uses. You may use these electric cars for going office, going shopping , pick and drop kids from school and local travel.It is best for saving your money as well as environment.

Our offered eco-friendly electric vehicles are designed with the view to save the environment and conserve our resources – all while looking aesthetically pleasing and becoming solutions to varied range of requirements.

Low Cost Of Maintenance

Zero-combustion model means fewer moving parts. That means less chances of parts failing and lower cost of maintenance.

Government Incentives

The Government too believes that an all-electric, zero emission vehicle is tomorrow’s movement towards better mobility solutions. It rewards you with a wide range of tax exemptions and benefits when you buy electric vehicles.

Low Running Cost

At just ₹1.15/km, our electric vehicles beats almost all other vehicles on running costs.The cost is calculated with these figures: 18 units of electricity consumed at ₹ 7 a unit, at a range of 110 km.

RHD Electric Car that runs on solar ( Front View)RHD Electric Car that runs on solar ( Back View)


Product nameThe solar electric car
Brand nameWhite label
Body Structure5 doors 4 seats all closed style
Overall Dimension3300*1450*1550mm
Curb Weight700kg
Battery typelead acid
Battery capacity100AH/60V
Driving Typerear drive
Motor power4 KW(DPD)
acceleration controlElectronic accelerator pedal
Brake SystemFront/rear disc brake
Gear shift controlAutomatic gearbox
Service brakeFoot brake/Vacuum hydraulic brake
Cruising range(km)100-120 km

 Major configuration

Liquid crystal combination dashboard Central locking
The one-piece remote control keyElectric lifting doors and Windows.
Warm air defrost systemMp5 in-car touch screen
Trigger reverse imageMp4 player
USB portBluetooth handsfree car kit
Mp3 music playerLuggage carrier
Aluminum alloy wheel hub vacuum tyreIntelligent battery charger
Adjustable,comfortable seat with
head pillow
Three-point safety belt
Reading lightSun shield
Combined LED light groupFolder rear view mirrors
Front glass double wiperAir conditioning  Optional


Help nature by  reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by adopting solar powered electric car. Our experts will setup solar power charging stations at your home, office and factories and our team will make sure to enjoy best services and support without any hassle.

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