RF & Microwave Components

We offer a wide range of RF & Microwave Components for Aerospace, Military, Satcom, Broadcasting and Telecom/Commercial applications with products qualified/compliant to industry specifications and requirement. We can offer the following products in the frequency range from DC-125GHz with power handling up to 25KW for a variety of applications.
The complete RF & Microwave product overview & offering includes:
Passive Components Active Components
Single Junction Isolators Low Noise Amplifiers
Single Junction Circulators Solid State Power Amplifiers
Dual Junction Isolators Solid State Attenuators
Dual Junction Circulators Bias Tee & DC Blocks
High Frequency Single Junction Isolators MMICs
High Frequency Single Junction Circulators MMIC Amplifiers
Broadband Isolators & Circulators DLVAs
Microstrip & Stripline Isolators Multipliers
Adapters & Connectors PIN Diodes
Attenuators – Programmable & Fixed Phase Shifters
Cables & Cable Assemblies Up/Down Converters
Circulators & Isolators TR Modules
Combiners & Couplers Oscillators
Power Dividers & Splitters OCXO
Bias Tee & DC Blocks TCXO
Equalizers VCXO/VCO
Filters & Diplexers Free Running DROs
Hybrids & Mixers PLDROs
Switches Frequency Synthesizers
Switch Arrays YIG Oscillators
Terminations & Loads Frequency Multipliers
The Principals represented by us strives to provide their customers with quality, cost effective Microwave components by adopting proven manufacturing and bulk procurement policies. Hence our principals are able to offer the best quality at lowest price for their Microwave products.

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