As high speed railroad traffic grows, rail companies face many challenges. Trains must be more reliable and cost-effective, plus respond to customer demands for increased mobility and better services. Challenges include interoperability between different types of equipment, poor high-speed coverage, and the inability to easily expand broadband services.

Our GSM solution markedly improves the security, reliability and safety of rail services. For instance, it significantly enhances communication with trains passing through tunnels, providing far greater security in case of emergencies. Its total interoperability and compatibility vastly improves the safety and speed of all railway operational services. More importantly, train drivers are able to communicate freely throughout the journeys.

RK Telesystem ensures a reliable network that allows seamless communications on board trains running at high speeds and in diverse terrains. Our GSM core network components core mobility servers are designed to address railways’ demanding reliability and growing capacity requirements.

Private GSM Network over satellite backhaul for Railways/Metros Operations

Our solution is a digital wireless communication system optimized for railroads. It uses proven GSM wireless communication technology and is third-party certified and EIRENE compliant. It is built primarily for train engineers, dispatchers, controllers, and maintenance personnel and provides:

  • Group, multicast, function number, and emergency call services
• Carrier network capability for train control signals to meet tough requirements for high-speed trains
• Improved communications and operational efficiency
• Ability to evolve as requirements change
• Unparalleled stability and reliability

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