EMI EMC Training Lab Kit




  • Pre- Compliance testing
  • Effectiveness of a shielding material
  • Location source of emissions of pcb tracks
  • Effectiveness of a Ferrite as a HF suppressor
  • Measuring induction into conductors
  • Tracking currents on a conducting plane
  • Estimating cross talk on PCB
Near Field Magnetic probe M1

Type: Loop
Sensor: Magnetic Field
Rejection E/H: 40dB
Frequency: 800MHz upper
Sensitivity: High
Diameter: 6cm

Near Field Magnetic probe M2

Type: Loop
Sensor: Magnetic Field
Rejection E/H: 30dB
Frequency: 1.5GHz upper
Sensitivity: High
Diameter: 3cm

Near Field Magnetic probe M3

Type: Loop

Sensor: Magnetic Field
Rejection E/H: 10dB
Frequency: 2.5GHz upper
Sensitivity: Low
Diameter: 1cm

Near Field Electric probe E1

Type: Omni Directinoal

Sensor: Electric Field
Rejection H/E: 30dB
Frequency: 1GHz upper
Sensitivity: High
Diameter: 3.6cm

Near Field Electric probe E2

Type: Narrow Directinoal
Sensor: Electric Field
Rejection H/E: 30dB
Frequency: 3GHz upper
Sensitivity: Low
Size: 0.6cm

Low Noise Preamplifier

Frequency Range: 9KHz-4GHz
Noise figure: 3dB
Gain: 40dB
Compression 1dB: 10dBm

Emissions Reference Source1

Frequency : 10-4000 MHz

Harmonic Spacing: 10 MHz
/50 MHz
Frequency Stability: 100ppm
Impedance: 50 Ohms
RF level at 3m: 4 0 – 8 0
Radiant Field polarisation:
Vertical and Horizontal

Emissions Reference Source2

Frequency: DC-4000 MHz

Harmonic Spacing: 0 (Noise)
Impedance: 50 Ohms
RF level at 3m : 3 0 – 5 0
Radiant Field polarisation:
Vertical and Horizontal

EMC Analyser cum Spectrum Analyser

Frequency : 9KHz-1500MHz

RBW: 100Hz Min
Phase Noise: -80dBc/Hz at
Sensitivity: -135dBm
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Tracking Output:0dBm

Ferrite Suppressors

Ferrite suppressor, Feedthrough

EM Suppression : 40dB

LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector

Measuring range: -60dBm to

Resolution: 0.1dB
Frequency Range: 9KHz-
Accuracy: 3dB
Input: SMA
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Input SWR : <2
Output: 500mV/10dB

EM Demo Kit

SMPS, EM demo board,

F e r r i t e S u p p r e s s o r s ,
Shielded Cans

Log Periodic Antenna

S11: >10dB

Bandwidth: 1500 + 500 MHz
Gain: 6dBi
Beamwidth : E plane 600
Beamwidth : H Plane 800
Polarisation : Linear
Front to Back Ratio: 6dB
Connector : SMA


S11: >10dB

Bandwidth: 600 + 300 MHz
Gain: 2dBi
Beamwidth : E plane 600
Beamwidth : H Plane 1800
Polarisation : Linear
Front to Back Ratio: 0dB
Connector : SMA

Antenna Magnetic Loop

Frequency: 9KHz-30MHz

Diameter : 300mm
Connector : SMA
Inductance: 1uH
Turns: Multi

Helmholtz Coil

Type: Mono-axial

Resistance: 0.5 Ohms DC
Inductance: 3.5mH
Coil Factor : 1Gauss/A
Homogeneity: +10% within a
15cm cylinder
Self resonance: 32 KHz
Maximum Current: 20A
Maximum Field: 21.2Gauss
Mating Connector: Terminal
Size Diameter: 305mm

LISN- Line Impedance Stabilization Network

Frequency: 9kHz – 30 MHz

(VDE 0876 specified curve
+/-20%)FCC-15 VDE 0871
VDE 0876 EN55022
Network: 50uH / 250 uH
Network impedance: 50ohm
Current rating: 1 amps
Max. AC: 250 VAC 50 Hz
Outlet: British BS546
Input connector: IEC-320
type 3-wire inlet.
Safe: Transient Suppressor

TEM Field Generator

Type: Tri-plate Stripline

Frequency :10KHz-1GHz
S12 : <3dB
E-field : 90V/m at 10W
Impedance : 50 Ohms
Connector: Type N Female
Dimensions length: 600mm
Width: 300mm approx
Height: 300mm approx


Shielded Cans, EMI EMC

design software, SMA-SMA
R G 3 1 6 c a b l e s , 4 0 d B
attenuator, SMA Adapters,
H V E l e c t r i c t r a n s i e n t
generator-4000V, Plasma
E Manual- Installation Video
ease of learning
Dimensions: 55 X 45 x
108cms; Weight :55Kg.

List of Experiments:
  1. Introduction Helmholtz Coil
  2. TEM Field generator
  3. LISN
  4. Probes Set Near field E/H
  5. LF Electromagnetic Detector
  6. Electrical Fast transient generator
  7. EMC Analyser
  8. EM Demo Kit
  9. Software
  10. Emissions reference Source
  11. Tips for Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design
  12. Measurement techniques and test methods
  13. To measure the effectiveness of shielding material.
  14. To locate the source of emissions of a PCB track.
  15. To demonstrate the use of ferrite as HF suppressor.
  16. To measure the induction into conductors.
  17. To analyse tracking of currents on a conducting plane.
  18. To estimate the cross talk on adjacent tracks in a PCB.
  19. To analyse the use of Helmholtz coil for testing magnetic susceptibility.
  20. To analyse the use of TEM field generator for testing radiated electric susceptibility of DUT
  21. To analyse the use of LISN for testing conducted emissions of DUT
  22. Use of a preamp to increase the sensitivity of CRO.
  23. Use of an EMC analyzer with antennas for RE testing.
Shipping List
No.List Of Items Supplied In Emi Emc Lab KitQty.

1M1loop H-Field 40db 800 Mhz High1

2M2loop H-Field 30 Db 1.5 Ghz Med.1

3M3 Loop H-Field 10 Db 2.5 Ghz Low1

4E1 Omni E-Field 30 Db > 1.0 Ghz High1

5E2 Narrow E-Field 30db >3.0 Ghz Low1

6Low Noise Pre Amplifier1

7Emission Reference Source 1 ( 10 Mhz / 50 Mhz Source) + Power Adapter1

8Emission Reference Source 2 ( Noise Generator) + Power Adapter1

9Emc Analyser+ Power Cord1

10Plasma Generator1


12Em Demo Borad1

13Ferrite Suppressor1

14Shielded Can1

15Lf Hf Em Detector1

16Electric Fast Transient Generator + Crocodile To Banana Cable1

17Log Periodic Antenna1

18Log Periodic Microstrip1

19Biconical Antenna1

20Magnetic Loop Antenna1

21Tripod  + Cube1

22Helmholtz Coil1

23Lisn + Power Cord + Black Crocodile- Crocodile 6 “ + Red Crocodile- Crocodile 12 “1

24Tem Field Generator + 50 Ohms Load + N-Sma Adapters1

25Sma(M)- Sma(F) Cable1
26Sma(M)- Sma(M) Cable2
27Sma (M)-Sma (M) Adapter1
28Bnc(M)-Sma(F) Cable2
29Sma(M)- Bnc Lead For Emc Analyser1
30Bnc-Bnc Cable For X & Y For Emc Analsyer2
31Ground Plane Sheet 1 Ft X 1ft For Lisn1
32Sma(M) Open Conductor1
33Conducting Plane Slot1
34Antenna Elements25
35Experimental Manual1
36Sma Open Lead1
3720db + 20 Db Attenuator1
38E- Manual Installation Video +  Emi Emc Software1


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