Private mobile networking is one of the key service model supported by the use of licensed, license-exempt or deregulated spectrum. It enables a variety of innovative services for organizations and individual users, including DECT replacement and mixed voice/secure data services for enterprises and other organizations.

RK Telesystem offers Private GSM Network that enables individuals to quickly set up voice, data and SMS services anywhere anytime.our enterprise wireless solutions can provide seamless indoor mobile network to offices with easy installation and reasonable capex.

Corporate voice usage is picking up the pace faster than a bullet. Employees prefer a single handset for personal and professional use and no longer want to bear the burden of dated intercom connections. But indoor network services aren’t keeping up with the increasing demand for quality voice services. Installing our enterprise wireless solution resolves the issue of poor network coverage inside an office building. That means every corporate owns and operates on a mobile network of its own instead of waiting for service improvements on the existing networks.

Ideal for

– Hospitals
– Airports
– Office campuses/Factories/Oil&Gas Rigs
– Hotels / Resorts/Private large campuses


Typical Private GSM Network Deployment Scenarios to connect HQ ,operator and remote sites

Standard GSM mobile phones, including ruggedized handsets, connect users together on a secure, private network without incurring mobile phone call charges. Voice quality is high, as expected, on an industry standard-based GSM network, and support for PTT, SMS and GPRS is available.

Using one or more base stations, private GSM network registered mobile handsets are able to communicate with each other in a localised GSM network. Private GSM Network provides cost effective utilisation of standard mobile phones and the improvement of in-building coverage.

Key Highlights

Unified platform for GSM services
– Small and highly integrated
– Easy to carry GSM network
– Local voice offload
– Interworking with existing enterprise/ service provider infrastructure
– Connect to multiple service providers (VoIP, PLMN)
– Scalable architecture
– Multi-location enterprise network
– Guaranteed coverage and capacity
– Multiple backhaul connectivity option – radio, fibre and satellite
– Choice of handsets & smart-phones
– Superior coverage than DECT
– DAS for up to 8 floors of approx. 10,000 sq. ft. each
– Connect different buildings of the same corporate via IP network
– Quick deployment
– Easily manageable by IT

Cost benefits

Our cost benefits include:

  • Zero call costs when in range and at landline rates when passed through local PBX
  • Automatic switchover when in range ensures cost control
  • Cost-effective alternative to DECT, PMR or WiFi technology
  • Control of call and messaging costs between mobiles in the office

Productivity benefits

Our productivity benefits include:

  • Allows mobile phones to operate as PBX extensions while in range
  • Support for feature-rich PBX applications on the mobile
  • Business-critical continuity maintained when the macro network is not available
  • Low powered spectrum extends mobile battery life
  • Effective range of up to 900m radius (outdoor) with excellent voice quality
  • External analogue PSTN/SIP connectivity provides uplink / backhaul choice and flexibility
  • Prevents issues of network congestion and loss
  • Immune to interference from WiFi or video senders

Compatability benefits

Our compatability benefits include:

  • One device, one number PBX applications – convergence without compromise.
  • Extensive handset choice.

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