Power Supply for Railways

RKTPL is greatly increasing the automation of operations and aiming toward faster and more accurate processing through the use of electric computers in central controllers. RKTPL is constructing a system through the use of highly reliable supervisory remote control systems between control stations and substations, and through the use of railway switchboards, which carry out reliable equipment control, at the substations.


By configuring the central processing equipment (server) and the operator consoles (clients) as decentralized units, supervisory control of each substation can be performed from the operator console, even if the central processing equipment breaks down.

Also, by decentralizing the monitoring desks, monitoring work can be continued even if a fault occurs at the control center due to a disaster, for example.

We also offer remote control equipment satisfying the needs of IP, DLP and system monitor panels employing LCD.

Benefits & Value

  • Number of substations that can be monitored: Max 60
  • Number of positions that can be monitored: Max 640 per substation
  • Number of positions that can be controlled: Max 256 per substation
  • Number of positions that can be measured: Max 288 per substation
  • Number of electric power positions: Max 16 per substation

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