Power Conversion Components

We offer a wide range of AC-DC & DC-DC Converters, Input EMI Filters, Output Ripple Filters & Configurable Power Supplies from leading manufacturers with innovative technology & designs from 1Watt to several kilowatts of Power. Products find application in Hi-Rel, Military, Avionics, Nuclear, Industrial Process Control, Telecommunication, Medical and other Commercial applications. Products are highly reliable meeting industry quality & safety standards.

Our Product offering includes:

Miniature DC-DC Converters DIN Rail & Rack mount Power Supplies
SMD-Package 1 to 15W High Power Industrial 60W to 22KW
SIP-Package 1 to 3W General Purpose 15 to 240W
Reinforced I/O Isolation up to 6KV, 2 to 6W High Performance 70 to 600W
High Performance 3 to 15W Low Profile Case 50 to 600W
General Purpose 2 to 30W Sine Wave Inverters 20VA to 30kVA
High Performance 20 to 60W High-Voltage Output 180 to 2000VDC
POL (Point-of-Load) Switching Regulators High Power Industrial 60W to 22KW
Industry Standard Bricks Military & Ground Power supplies
Input: 10-400VDC with E/C/I/M Grade Static Frequency Converter 5KVA-187KVA AC-AC
Output: 1 to 95VDC and power from 10W to 600W Static Frequency Converter 10VA-500VA DC-AC
Input: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V, 110V, 200V, 300VDC Static Frequency Inverter 40VA-45KVA
Single Outputs: 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V or higher Single/Three Phase TRU of 28V up to 200A
Dual Outputs: 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V Pulse Power Supply up to 26KW
Standard Triple & Quad Outputs Auto Transformer Rectifier Unit 270VDC/45KW
Telecom Bricks with 24V and 48V input High Energy Physics/Nuclear Application
Full Brick Converters up to 600W Capacitor Charging Power Supply
Half Brick Converters up to 500W Super Conducting Magnet Power Supply
Quarter Brick Converters up to 150W High Voltage Low Current Power Supply
1/8th Brick Converters up to 132W Low Voltage High Current Power Supply
AC-DC / DC-DC Configurable Power Supplies HV Modules/HV Power Supplies
AC Front-end Module up to 1.5KW 0-62Vin / 0-60kVout / 0-4W & 0-30W HVPSU
PFC Front-end Module up to 675W 0-62Vin / 0-60kVout / 0-20W & 0-30W HVPSU
Encapsulated Power Modules 5 to 60W 0-125Vin / 0-60kVout / 60W, 120W and 250W
Open Frame Design 10 to 300W 0-125Vin / 0-8kVout & 0-30kV with 60W &120W
Enclosed Metal Case 15 to 1000W 4Channels HV Rack PSU from 4W to 1KW
Field Power Supply, Waterproof Case 120W 0-125Vin / 0-10kVout & 0-40kV with 4W-30W
Enclosed Power Supply with Triple Outputs/600W Bipolar 0-125V and 0-6kV with 125W/250W
Single/Three Phase AC-DC with 1-20 Outputs & 4KW Power Low voltage filament PSU 0-5Vdc to 0-3A
Configurable DC-DC Power Supply of 600W max 0-125Vin / 0-1kVout & 0-15kV with 4W-30W
Single Output AC-DC or DC-DC up to 5.4KW Standard inputs and variable output up to 250W
The products offered by us are of RoHS compliant and meet Industry standards of Quality and Safety.

Converters in combination with EMI Filters meets/exceeds Mil-Std-461 standards. Input Transients and Environmental standards met as per Mil-Std-704 and Mil-Std-810D/E/F.

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