We are delivering high performing, reliable and affordable clean energy turnkey projects around the world.With our advanced technology and expertise in providing tailored solutions for our customers, RK Telesystem creates sustainable and profitable energy and water development infrastructures. We manufacture and integrate solutions to address complex issues, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our renewable solutions, incorporating wind, solar and hybrid energy, alongside solar applications, make us a recognised partner of choice across the globe.

From industry operators, to communities and private investors, independent power producers (IPPs) and utility companies, RK Telesystem is able to deliver innovative solutions to every type of customer.

As part of our values, respect for nature, the environment, and the communities we serve is at the heart of our work to create and deliver sustainable and economically profitable renewable projects.

With a strong focus on design, manufacturing and engineering innovation, RK Telesystem’s  renewable energy technology has become an industry benchmark. RK Telesystem endeavours to offer the most cost-effective solutions and facilities for each project.

Our Approach

Planning a Renewable Energy Project
Your Renewable Energy Project in 6 key steps:
51  Do your Investigations

  • Research your options and gather information
  • Share with us – we have the right experience, expertise and technology to assist you
12 Project Site Qualification

  • Gather all site suitable inputs for construction: i.e. wind studies, solar irradiation, onsite infrastructure and site conditions in remote, isolated sites or extreme climatic areas
  • Share with us – we use industry software to give you guidance
2 3 Project Planning

  • In many countries, planning permission is required
  • Share with us – RK Telesystem can assist in the preparation, submission and monitoring of planning applications
34 Project Financing

  • Secure financing by engaging the right funding/lending partners
  • Share with us – we can assist in building financial solutions tailored to your specific project
4 5 Construction

  • Preparation of the site, Civil works
  • Assembly and electrical works
  • Commissioning
  • Share with us – we can assist you from technical assistance to turnkey delivery
66 Ongoing

  • Ongoing operations and maintenance
  • Share with us – we can provide O&M services or train local staff to deliver O&M operations

Our Solutions

Hybrid Energy

Solar EnergyWind EnergyIndustrial Energy Utility EnergySolar Appliances
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