We offer digital interactive audio,video and digital large display solutions that provides easy directions to information and applications for communication and education. It can also serve as a point-of-sale which can educate people about your products and services or your brand.
Such Interactive audio, video and display solutions are reliable and designed with high-quality visual resolution to get the attention of customers or people. Our touch screen kiosks have high adaptability in international market and has improved user experience. An interactive and transactional information display solutions are  an ideal for advertising and customer services. Our superior retail booth display informs, educate and entertain people, reduces perceived wait-time, increases footfalls & sales, and enhance the overall experience.

RKTPL can help support and accelerate your organization’s journey to unlock productivity gains across all levels of your organization.

RKTPL initiatives can help enterprises:

  • Deliver high touch convergent experiences that are human, insightful, and data driven
  • Amplify efficiency and boost revenue from operations
  • Empower employees and boost workforce productivity and drive innovation
  • Reduce costs and risks with informed decision-making
  • Form closer partnerships with increased collaboration

Our Offerings



Large displays and interactive touch screens

We have experience providing large format displays, interactive touch screens, and large video walls in a turn-key package that includes the display, mounts, cables and installation.

We deliver your message to your audience to inform, entertain and compel. From one to an unlimited number of Displays. No commitments and no contracts.

A digital recognition display is the perfect way to recognize individuals, businesses, corporate partners and employees that are important to your organization. Digital displays add an interactive storytelling element that’s a great addition to any recognition wall.


Custom Video Walls

Available in standard and custom sizes, our large-format displays bring together essential information and make an unforgettable impression.Transform your large spaces into immersive and engaging experiences for lobbies, executive briefing centers, auditoriums, broadcast studios, and command-and-control centers with the RKTPL digital workplace platform. If your CEC or auditorium doesn’t require full digital workplace functionality, add one-touch access to a digital whiteboard, as well as wired and wireless device sharing for presentations, with RKTPL.

Lobbies and Briefing Centers

RKTPL’s custom video walls and interactive displays create an immersive and engaging visual experience that elevates your brand and makes a lasting impression on your guests.


Ultra-wide viewing angles mean that every seat in the house enjoys the beautiful image quality. Bright under normal ambient lighting, your audience won’t be left sitting in the dark.

Broadcast Studios

With artifact-free video playback, uniform brightness and color, and the ability to quickly adjust white point over a wide range, the camera loves RKTPL custom video walls.

Command and Control

RKTPL custom video walls integrate all of your mission-critical information on a single digital canvas, allowing you to focus on important issues and make better, faster decisions.

Self Services Touch Screen Information Kiosk

We are offering a sophisticated range of customized kiosks within industry standards and specifications for our clientele. With expertise in offshore software development and hardware manufacturing, we can fulfill most of your software and KIOSK based requirements through our skilled and well-trained IT professionals. By working together on your requirements, we optimize our solutions according to your needs and provide an end-to- end solution by developing various software packages in-house and integrating them with a wide range of kiosks systems.


  • Retail Kiosk Application
  • Banking & Finance kiosk Application
  • Corporate & HR Kiosk Application
  • Institute & College Kiosk Application
  • School Kiosk Application
  • Hospital kiosk Application
  • E-Government Kiosk Application
  • Hotel Kiosk Application
  • Mall Kiosk Application

Customers are online today and most of their decisions are structured through their digital experience. We can help you to engage with customers, personalize experiences and build a strong market advantage.

Your consumers are talking about you, are you listening?

Digital transformation is essential for your business today, especially since the advent of smart devices among the customer base. You need to create personalized experiences for consumers across channels. Such personalization evolves from harnessing data from mobile, social media, online etc. Thereby you can understand your customers and target services or products accordingly to better your customer satisfaction.

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