RKTPL offers deployable cellular networks for tactical communications, public safety and emergency response, homeland security, rural and remote deployments, Islands & Hilly Terrain Deployments and Private Cellular Networks.

Technology Supported:

  • 2G GSM
  • 3G CDMA2000
  • 3G UMTS (W-CDMA)*
  • 4G LTE
  • 4G LTE in Unlicensed Band
  • 5G**


  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  • Low power consumption
  • System included Core Network Platform
  • Connection to any external IP-PBX System
  • Ideal for setting up a private cellular network
  • Support backhaul: Satellite, Fiber, Radio

Military / First Responder Mobile Network 

A number of public safety agencies are adopting our solutions and gaining capabilities they have never had before. These these public safety agencies are exploring the benefits of smart devices powered by a dedicated, high-speed wireless broadband connection. Capturing and sharing real-time data, live streaming, and incident mapping are just a few capabilities they’re incorporating into emergency response.

End-to-end Mobile Network Solutions for Rapid Deployments

To provide public safety with the modern, lifesaving technology it needs, we are working technology developers to bring public safety’s innovations.We are also helping public safety realize the benefits of integrating mobile data and devices in their day-to-day services.

Here are some features in our mobile technology:

  • Mapping and GIS data– From mapping the location of active fires or first responders during an emergency to mapping the search efforts of a large scale multi-jurisdictional search, our solutions reduce the amount of time responders spend on these types of calls, and improve their ability to accurately search large swaths of land or large buildings.
  • Video analytics– Body-worn cameras, dash camera footage and other streaming video during large high-risk events create a massive amount of data.Our analytics software can help agencies sift through the noise to identify vehicles, objects and people, and then decide what is actionable.
  • IoT– Sensors have myriad applications- from air quality, location data, and weather to biometric applications. This is valuable information that can improve situational awareness for first responders.
  • Gateway applications for public safety databases– Public safety uses a number of informational databases to respond to emergencies for everything from investigating crimes to responding to hazardous spills. Mobile devices equipped with gateway apps to those databases can bring detailed information to responders in the field, giving them the information they need to respond safely.
No matter what the disaster, our solution minimizes its impact.Communication is restored. Search and rescue becomes precise. And information is aggregated across diverse technologies and platforms to provide the big picture for informed decision-making.

Key Highlights:

  • Restore mobile connectivity by creating an independent, private network dedicated for aid workers instantly. Connect soon with the rest of the world by establishing backhaul connectivity through satellite. Enable voice, video and data sharing.
  • Identify and locate casualties by picking up signals off their mobile phones. Get precise co-ordinates, narrowed further to focus and speed up search and rescue operations.
  • Connect teams using diverse communication technologies. Relay information from remote site to HQs. Turn raw, piecemeal information into actionable data for authorities. Integrates with most legacy radio systems and works across devices.
  • Interconnect with different legacy radio networks (HF/ VHF/UHF)
  • Rich Services Suite – Mobile, WiFi, Remote Public Announcement System, Solar based Power solution, network interfaces towards PSTN/Cellular Modems etc
  • Integrated VSAT backhaul for connectivity to HQ and external world

Applications And Deployment Scenarios

  • First Responder Communications
  • Emergency Cellular Networks
  • Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas or for Disaster Relief
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Temporary Cellular Networks for Industry
  • Private Push-to-talk Mobile Networks

System Features

  • Voice, SMS/text, data, video streaming services
  • Coverage up to 3-6 kilometers depending on terrain
  • SMS to individual, group or broadcast via Web GUI
  • Easy integration with external networks
  • Technology: 2G/3G/4G LTE

                          Solar Powered Standalone mobile Network Trailer with VSAT backhaul connectivity

We work closely with public safety organizations to identify areas for challenges in public safety  and educate and encourage them to adopt our technologies for the good of public safety and our nation.

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