If you are an impatient circuit designer who wants to replicate software design on the PCB with high precision and accuracy, and also without investing much of your valuable time and efforts, we have an exciting solution for you.

PCB Prototype Machine provides several features which can make your life easier. With this new electro-mechanical utility, you can escape cumbersome task of traditional PCB designing which involves time taking etching and drilling processes. Get rid of dealing with chemicals which often spoil your hands and are harmful to you and environment. Provided with the USB connectivity, it can print your desired circuit on the PCB within minutes. Accompanied design software provides simple and elegant interface which is user-friendly, and can even be operated by novice Engineers and Students.

PCB Prototyping Machine


PCB Layout


  • Versatile PCB prototyping
  • Auto depth adjustment
  • Position Selection facility
  • Light for work area
  • Micro drilling & milling
  • Pause/Resume option
  • Process Logging
  • Design two layer PCB
  • Emergency Stop and Play
  • PC based Software with interactive GUI
  • PCB Viewer
  • Software support extended Gerber files from all CAD Software
  • Rugged and fully protected
  • Simple and Easy to operate
  • Step by Step execution
  • Chemical free operation
  • USB Interface
  • Energy efficient

Technical Specifications

Working area: 230x200x15mm
Min drill hole size: 0.3 mm
Min cutting trace/space: 0.1mm (4mil)
X/Y Resolution: 0.006 mm
Spindle speed (MAX.RPM): 25000 rpm
Spindle Motor: BLDC Motor
Depth sensing and adjusment: Automatic, Software controlled
Tool change: Manual
Tool holder: 1/8 inch
Auto Bit protection: available
X/Y/Z driver: Stepping Motor
Dimensions (W x H x D): (432x320x455) mm
Weight: 28kg (approximately)
Power consumption: 110/220VAC, 50W
Sound/Dust Enclosure: Integrated
Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32/64 bit)

Included Accessories

  • Software CD (1 No.)
    • Software
    • USB Drivers
    • 40+ circuits and PCB examples (TINA and Eagle)
    • Eagle setup (Evaluation version)
    • PPT on how to use TINA and Eagle software
  • Brush (1 No.)
  • Allen key (2 Nos.)
  • Adhesive tape (1 No.)
  • Copper clad boards (single side 140 x 140mm) (10 No.)
  • Copper clad boards (double side 140 x 140mm) (4 No.)
  • Nose pliers (1 No.)
  • Power cord (1 No.)
  • Power Supply (1 No.)
  • USB cable A to B (with filter) (1 No.)
  • Patch cord 8″ (2mm) (1 No.)
  • Tool Drill Set
    • Router Bits (2 Nos.)
    • Engrave bits (90°) (2 Nos.)
    • Engrave bits (45°) (1 No.)
    • Engrave bits (0.5mm) (2 Nos.)
    • Engrave bits (1.5mm) (1 No.)
    • Drill bits (16 Nos.)

PCB Prototype Machine is ideal to plot PCB for applications:

  • High power PCB
  • Analog PCB
  • Digital PCB

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