OTT is a technological breakthrough in the world of digital TV, it has opened new horizons by bringing TV to all types of today’s screens that can connect to the Internet.

There are two fundamental criteria any technology (OTT or IPTV) has to meet in PAY TV industry: reliability and quality.

OTT goes beyond those basic requirements by delivering more to customers than IPTV.

IPTV signal is delivered within operator’s network to subscriber’s STB or computer, OTT signal may be delivered to different platforms: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, digital media boxes, STBs, etc.

OTT offers a wider range of functions with a perspective of social TV, multiscreen, second screen and distinctive advantages of cloud technology: ability to access data from any place, any time, using any device.

Certainly, interactive functions are in great demand, and technology will keep evolving to offer more, however, in order to ensure successful development on a global scale OTT services have to deliver on two central targets: ensure video delivery without compromising the quality and work out efficient solution for content network delivery.

Both aspects are important for technology resilience in open non-regulated networks.

OTT lets monetise on such value-added features as:

  1. Real-time broadcast television and VoD
  2. Time-shifted viewing of selected broadcast programs (nPVR)
  3. Non-linear viewing (Time Shift / Pause Live)
  4. Viewing of recorded programmes (Catch Up)
  5. Smart recommendation and content search system
  6. Integration with user accounts in social networks, ability to store user generated content and view it on various devices

Functionality described above requires cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Technologies designed by RKTPL are a powerful tool that enables services providers deliver multifunctional offerings at high reliability and quality level.

Adaptive HTTP streaming

This technology lets adapt video quality both inside and outside operator’s network (i.e. in third party networks where quality of data streaming and network capacity can’t be controlled or managed).

Video ultra-compression technology

Our compression technology stands out for its unique efficiency.

Our OTT solution uses different encoding profiles and therefore is available on various devices.

Network capacity requirements depend on the type of client’s device and are within the following range: 0.3 — 0.7 Mbps for SD and 1.5 — 3 Mbps for HD.

Technology developed by RKTPL has an immense potential and may be deployed extensively: TV streaming on mobile devices, OTT, nPVR and user generated content.


CDN is a link that connects data transmission system and client devices and applications.

Depending on user’s location Smart Routing Engine routes the user to the best located server.

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