Teach live classes, have face-to-face interactions with your learners and create self-paced multimedia courses with language teaching software.
  • Audio-visual interaction – Connect better with Virtual Classroom’s high-quality video conferencing with 5-way video layout.
  • Real time collaboration – Collaborate in real-time with live chat, screen sharing, and application sharing features.
  • Multi-lingual format – Teach the language you want –supports 21 languages.
  • Online whiteboard – Replicate the physical classroom experience with an advanced and feature-rich online whiteboard
  • Self-paced language courses –Create self-paced audio-video and presentation-based courses for your language school.
  • Integrated payment gateway – Manage payment transactions with Stripe – a PCI compliant payment gateway integrated into language learning software.
Advantages of teaching language online

The most appealing advantage of teaching language online is the sheer reduction in the cost of operating the business. With no expenses in real estate, logistics and printing study material, teaching language online is profitable for both you and your students. Take a look at the benefits of taking your language school online.

  • If you are teaching language online, you don’t have to rent space for classrooms and spend money on publishing course content and buying teaching equipment. You can simply replicate the classroom experience at a lower cost with a language teaching software.
  • You can view and manage enrollment data, class schedules, attendance reports and course-related analytics with auto-generated reports without spending resources on data entry.
  • You can promote the courses offered by your language school to students across the world with multilingual support and online payment gateway.
  • Cloud-based language teaching software comes with unlimited capacity giving you the option to scale as much as you want as the number of students increases.
  • With online teaching, you can design multimedia tests with images or audio-video elements to make them more engaging and interactive.
  • An integrated language teaching software comes with an online payment gateway to ensure safe and secure transactions from all over the world and transaction reports to manage your payment-related data.
Teach online and boost your online language teaching business

RK Telesystem offers a comprehensive set of enterprise features at a competitive price to help you deliver effective learning, earn better ROI and ensure the success of your online language courses.

  • Live classes
  • Unlimited storage
  • White-labeling
  • Advanced whiteboard
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling
  • Multilingual interface
  • Class recorder
  • Course and learner analytics
  • Integrated payment portal
  • Online test creation
  • Assured data security

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