With Virtual Classroom and LMS software, you get a superior onboarding tool that not only lets you set up a productive onboarding process but also takes away all the stress associated with the delivery so that you can plan better!
  • Save cost and time – Save infrastructure, logistics and content production related costs.
  • Deliver live learning – Conduct live, real-time onboarding sessions with Virtual Classroom.
  • Get robust analytics – Get access to insightful analytics and measure the effectiveness of your onboarding activities.
  • Assess Progress – Create and conduct online tests based on your onboarding material to increase recall.
  • Go Mobile – Use the mobile application for Android and iOS to let your trainees learn on-the-go.
  • Brand your learning portal – Add your brand theme and colors to your online onboarding portal.

What are the different types of onboarding?

There are mainly three types of onboarding.

  • Employee onboarding: To start off with your new employees on the right foot in the organization, employee onboarding is a must-have. In employee onboarding, the employees learn about the organization’s values and culture, its code of conduct and a brief about their key responsibilities.
  • Customer onboarding: Your customer needs to understand your product or service to use it in a stress-free manner. For customer onboarding, organizations create help-guides, product presentations, walkthrough videos, and assign professionals to help onboard the customers.
  • Partner onboarding: Distributors, resellers, suppliers, franchise owners and other members of your extended enterprise need to be trained on different aspects of your organization. Organizations can train suppliers and manufacturers regarding their best practices, and distributors, resellers and franchise owners regarding the positioning of their product/service, their target customers, their sales pitch, etc.

Optimize your onboarding process with onboarding system

It is equipped with all the features you will need to set up a comprehensive and effective onboarding process. With flexible course creation capabilities, HD virtual classroom, online test creator, and trainee-related analytics, developing an end-to-end onboarding for your employees, customers and partners is made easy with onboarding system. Here are some salient features of onboarding software that help you get your stakeholders onboard quickly, increase retention and make them more productive.

  • WebRTC Virtual Classroom
  • Live and private chat
  • Online Course Builder
  • Tests and assessments
  • Reports and analytics
  • Mobile applications
  • White-labeling
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Server-side recording
  • 5-way audio-video layout
  • API & plugins
  • Collaborative code editor

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