Today MVNOs and MNOs are being served by a fragmented market of Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) ranging from large scale global vendors, system integrators and many small specialist providers and niche players.

With growing pressure to win new businesses, the MVNE (enabler party of MVNO) market is becoming increasingly commoditized and competitive. As the product offerings of MVNOs and MNOs evolve, so too must the propositions of MVNEs if they are to succeed. This viewpoint explores the challenges and opportunities for MVNEs seeking to differentiate and drive incremental revenues.

MVNEs need to extend their services beyond traditional OSS / BSS platform solutions such as the service fulfillment, network inventory management, service assurance, subscriber management and channel management to serve these needs.

Service Offerings

RK Telesystem Offers tailor-made unique propositions of consulting services and managed solutions enables MVNO/MVNE to overcome the specific challenges encountered by MVNO / MVNE industry.

  • MVNO/MVNE launch support
  • Establishment of platform requirements for new MVNOs and sub-brands
  • MVNO/MVNE planning (network & services)

HSS/HLR and Unified Core Network Platform for Mobile Virtual Network Operators

he MVNO’s business depends mostly on the cost-efficiency of its core infrastructure and roaming agreements. For each new market entry an MVNO will get a type of agreement that gives access to the radio network infrastructure of at least one MNO:

An agreement in which the MVNO buys a range of IMSI codes from the MNO,


An agreement in which the MVNO has its own MCC and MNC. In this case the MVNO has its own IMSI range and the agreement is mainly for the radio network infrastructure access and for other commercial reasons.

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator may need some or all of the following network components for its business:

  • HSS/HLR:Home Location Register/ Home Subscriber Server – for authentication, registration and authorization
  • GMSC:Gateway Mobile Switching Center – for voice
  • GGSN:Gateway GPRS Support Node – for data
  • SMSC:Short Message Service Center – for SMSs
  • MMSC:Multimedia Messaging Service Center – for MMSs.

Our solutions for MVNOs

An MVNO needs for a mobile network infrastructure for voice and data:

Full MVNO:

  • Its own GMSC, GGSN, HLR-AuC, HSS, billing system
  • with : UCN as GMSC (voice), GGSN (data) and HSS/HLR (HLR, HSS, AuC)
Light MVNO:
  • Its own HLR, HSS, billing

Build, Operate and Transfer Managed Services solution
RK Telesystem provides a comprehensive solution targeting not only customers that are looking to accelerate their network & service deployment, but also those who want to reduce operational risk when introducing next generation technology into their network.

Service assurance and service delivery

RK Telesystem can manage and maintain all components of your network, services and mobile application platforms delivering best-in-class service assurance, service delivery processes such as network operations center, service operations center, order management, inventory management, change management requirements delivering excellent service level call center outsourcing.

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