Our solutions for MVNOs

An MVNO needs for a mobile network infrastructure for voice and data:

Full MVNO:

  • Its own GMSC, GGSN, HLR-AuC, HSS, billing system
  • with us: Unified Core as GMSC (voice), GGSN (data) and HSS/HLR (HLR, HSS, AuC)
Light MVNO:
  • Its own HLR, HSS, billing

HSS/HLR is single product which includes both HSS and HLR-Auc:

  • Supports SS7 and Diameter protocols
  • Is a software implemented product that uses commodity hardware

As an HLR, HSS/HLR supports the SS7 MAP protocol and connects to the radio network infrastructure through the STP routers.As an HSS, HSS/HLR provides Diameter support and delivers signalling to the RAN through DRA routers.

For redundancy purposes the HSS/HLR can be configured in a cluster of equal nodes:

  • Each subscriber profile operations are replicated in all the other HSS/HLRs of the network
  • Many to many relationships between the core network, SS7 STP/ Diameter routers, and the HSS/HLR nodes eliminate single points of failure from the network

Our Core Network Components

Our unified core is a cost-efficient and easy to manage core network solution for MVNOs.


It uses the HLR to localize the MSC/VLR of the called subscriber and routes the call to the designated MSC/VLR in the MNO network.


When configured as a GGSN, it establishes and maintains the IP sessions of the subscriber and routes the IP packets to the SGSN in the MNO network.

The IP packets are routed to the SGSN over the GTP-c v1 protocol.

Our unified core is an affordable and scalable solution for any operator. 

MVNO billing system solutions

Our core supports billing integration with any charging system of an MVNO.

  • The unified core as a GMSC supports charging operations for prepaid and postpaid billing using CAMEL phase 2
  • The unified core as a GGSN supports RADIUS and 3GPP extensions for postpaid billing
  • The unified core network components can interconnect with other network components

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