Millimeter Wave Radar Perimeter Security Solutions

Perimeter Security NSR100 is widely used in substations, power plants, water plants, factories, industrial land, industrial and mining enterprises, material […]

Millimeter wave radar regional security solutions

The traditional perimeter security system (physical guard fence, fence and electronic fence, vibration sensor, video, etc.) r affected by optical […]

Nanoradar Unmanned Boat 1 + N mmw radar obstacle avoidance solution

“In a ship collision accident, 89% -96% of the accident can be attributed to the person’s own reasons, including obvious […]

Traffic monitoring millimeter wave radar solution

Nano200 Intelligent traffic microwave sensor (Intelligent Traffic Microwave Sensor) use modern microwave and high-speed digital signal processing technology, while detecting […]

Speed-measuring radar solutions

Vehicle speeding caused by the accident is often very serious, for each section will be based on traffic conditions prompted […]

Long distance millimeter wave radar for Automotive Safety

Millimeter-wave radar has all weather and all day work characteristics, and detection distance, high detection accuracy. In the vehicle to the target […]

Mid-range radar application

Medium and short distance millimeter wave radar application The short-range millimeter-wave radar has the functions of BSD, LCA, RCTA, EAF […]

Automotive safety solutions

ADAS application”1 + 4″solution CAR70 has the functions of blind spot detection (BSD), lane change assistant (LCA), rear cross traffic alart […]

Mmw radar solution for terrain awareness in UAVs (“1+2” solution)

Aimed at the flight environment of plant protection UAVs, RKTPL offers a millimeter wave radar solution for terrain awareness in […]

Robot Obstacle Avoidance

Fire Robot Obstacle Avoidance One of the prerequisites for efficient robot movement is obstacle avoidance. Robust obstacle avoidance is based […]

Line anti – external breaking system

High voltage transmission line anti-external breaking system We offer MMW Radar products with high detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability, easy to […]

Bike collision avoidance

In recent years, more and more people riding outdoor, road conditions are more and more complex, riding safety by more […]