Out of warranty maintenance

We offer hardware maintenance support contracts across multiple hardware vendor’s equipment with choices of coverage that suite your business needs from 24*7*4 hour to next business day (NBD). Know more..

ICT  experts

We are recognised as ICT experts – if you have a problem with any of your hardware & software, one call to us will get it sorted quickly.

Multi vendor maintenance

All of our engineers are certified by more than one vendor providing support on various OEM products throughout India.

Subcontract maintenance

We represent many international brands who need a local presence throughout India , north and south, providing their clients with high quality maintenance services that protect their brands.

OEM warranty

Our ICT Services completes warranty fulfilment for many of the largest IT brands in India, collecting, testing, repairing, returning and reinstalling where needed.

Technical courier

This is a service we provide for our customers and partners covering everything from delivery, plug & play to complex roll-outs throughout India.

Workshop repair

We have fully equipped workshops staffed by experienced and certified engineers who can triage and test your faulty devices, diagnose any problems and repair them expertly.

We have a team of fully certified and highly experienced ICT Services engineers in our workshops and on the road who will help to find the cause of any hardware problems and fix them quickly.

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