New technologies and business models are driving companies to transform at lightning speed for a digital, customer-first world. RKTPL’s Consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs by driving digital-first transformation: from operations to technologies to people.

Using following IoT & M2M sensors and devices, you can easily analyze data and predict any equipment failures in the future, thus, saving costs.

Transform Your Business & Streamline Your Operations with High-End IoT/M2M Solutions.

Leverage the huge network of sensors and smart devices connected by cloud services and analytics using our expert IoT & M2M consulting services. We help businesses to analyze data, create an actionable IoT design, and implement robust plans. From idea validation, roadmap creation to the selection of IoT platform, we provide consultancy in hardware, software, and product enhancement.

We provide end to end IoT & M2M development services from hardware integration to custom IoT application development.

IoT & M2M Consultancy

Ensuring a professional-grade IoT Consultancy Services through our experienced IoT & M2M consultants.

IoT & M2M Solutions

Ensuring tailored-to-suit IoT& M2M Solutions that engagingly represent the true essence of your business.

IoT & M2M Architecture Development

Managing every element right from UI/UX to Architecture Designing that seamlessly connect their device.

IoT & M2M Module Development

Ensuring lasting performance through our Module Development services that promise enduring business experience.

IoT & M2M Testing

Providing rigorously & Bugs-free IoT Application Development Solutions that ensure the flawless experience.

Support & Maintenance

& M2M Delivering high-end Support & Maintenance services that enable the user to operate the IoT & M2M application seamlessly.


Industry Coverage


IoT & M2M is a universal concept in the manufacturing dimension. It is being observed that IoT & M2M has enabled manufacturers to experience a 28.5% average revenue increase. RKTPL’s IoT & M2M solutions help manufacturers to create highly curated experiences that can enhance the inventory management, quality control, and supply chain efficiency.


IoT & M2M Technologies have provided the new set of skills to both teachers & parents to include real-time experience & interactivity in the Next-Gen learning process. We, at RKTPL, endeavoring to deliver IoT technically-enabled platform that allows the institutions to take learning experience a level ahead.

Smart Homes & Buildings

RKTPL is helping both smart homes & commercial buildings to leverage the power of advancement through IoT & M2M devices. We facilitate forward-looking resource & energy optimization capabilities with devices like intelligent heating systems, connected CCTV cameras, and refrigerators.


IoT & M2M has revolutionized the level of the intelligence in the Agricultural industry. We smartly unleash the potential of Agriculture IoT and deliver smart solutions that overcome the farming challenges. We always focus on to provide the seamless connection between device & sensor that help farmers to reduce wastage & improve productivity.


Collect and analyze your device data with our advanced analytics to reveal insights that lead to better informed business decisions. We enable remote monitoring of devices to provide better visibility into your devices, assets and sensors, wherever they are located. You can also learn about potential issues before they happen with a preconfigured predictive maintenance solution accelerator. Using IoT & M2M sensors and devices, you can easily analyze data and predict any equipment failures in the future, thus, saving costs.

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