The key technologies and products for LTE/5G mobility include Small Cell, CBRS, Private LTE, NB-IoT/LTE-M Module, and LTE/5G Terminal. These achievements contribute to the composition of service solutions in LTE/5G mobility relating to increase cell capacity and density, lower OPEX and CAPEX, massive IoT applications utilization, and user experience improvements.



Small Cell

Small cell improves cellular coverage, the capacity of use and applications. Moreover, it facilitates a new breed of mobile service that exploits the technology’s ability to detect presence and to connect/ interact with existing networks.RKTPL has established its product portfolio with 4G small cells (LTE FDD/LTE TDD) and is expanding its successes with small cells operating in unlicensed bands (CBRS bands), IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M), and 5G NR (New Radio) small cells for the 5G era.

RKTPL offers customers integrated services related to small cells, such as integrating WiFi, routers, GPON, DOCSIS, and other technologies into the small cells in addition to providing a small cell service manager (HeMS). Besides the production integration, RKTPL provides the end-to-end solution that includes sensors, IoT modules, CPE, small cell, Relays, edgeEPC, HeMS, and Cloud applications.

Outdoor Strand/Pole Mount CBRS Small Cell
Previously, small cell operated on licensed bands, but licensed bands are very expensive resources. 3GPP has defined lightly licensed or unlicensed bands for lowering the deployment cost. This product is for outdoor scenarios.
Key Features
  • 3GPP LTE
  • Support B42/B43/B48
  • Support 96 users
  • Maximum RF Tx Power 500 mW
  • 2×2 MIMO support
  • UL up to 64 QAM, DL up to 64 QAM
  • ZeroTouch install
  • Support SuperSONTM
  • Data offload & 4G coverage improvement
OAM Specifications
  • TR069 HeMS for remote management
  • Local BlueTooth with App on cell phone
Device Specifications
  • 2 internal antennae for LTE, 1 internal antenna for network listening, 1 internal antenna for BlueTooth, 1 internal antenna for GPS
  • 1 x Gigabit port, supporting PoE++
  • IP65 protection level

RKTPL provides the Private LTE end-to-end solution that includes Small Cell operating in unlicensed bands—CBRS bands, CPE, Relays, edgeEPC, HeMS, IoT gateway, security surveillance, sensors, and cloud-based applications.

RKTPL plays an active role in this industry as the key member of the CBRS Alliance.  RKTPL offers customers the end-to-end solution that can be widely used in multiple scenarios—office, industrial campus, retail, data center, multifamily—and that can fulfill customers’ requirements for connectivity, security, safety, energy efficiency, communication, and remote management.



Availability of Elements in the Private LTE End-to-End Solution

Small CellsCBRS Small Cell
CBRS CPE / ConnectivityCPE
Video Bridge
USB Dongle
IoT GatewayCBRS IoT Gateway
IoT DevicesIP Camera
IoT SensorsSmoke / CO
Motion, Door / Window
Energy Switch
Key Pad / Fob
Dash Button













NB-IoT/LTE-M Module

NB-IoT/LTE-M technologies support applications that require strong propagation, low costs, and optimal operations despite having low bandwidths. Meters, smart cities, smart buildings, and asset tracking are all examples of ideal LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) networks. These LPWA technologies have the ability to provide robust service and ease of integration by upgrading from customers’ existing LTE systems.
NB-IoT/LTE-M technologies are the perfect solution to gas and water smart meters. Gas and water meters are not connected to main sources of electricity, are often located in inaccessible places, and are often installed underground, which makes network connectivity more difficult. NB-IoT/LTE-M technologies can solve these problems.
LTE/5G Terminal
RKTPL’s wide range of LTE CPE devices includes industrial vehicles and a laptop power bank with USB ports that can support 5V/1A power. To prepare for the upcoming 5G phenomena, RKTPL is studying more solutions and products.
Contact us to help you unify your cellular network infrastructure to deliver quality end-user experiences for all coverage or capacity use cases: low density/high density, indoors or public safety 4G/LTE made possible by virtualization, abstraction, and automation to empower you to be profitable despite margin pressure for 2G/3G/4G and 5G.

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