This headend allows one to acquire satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) or cable (DVB-C/C2, IP) signal and broadcast over 200 TV channels to customers both on local network, and over the Internet.
Middleware and billing systems allow one to maintain subscriber base and provide commercial services (paid subscriptions, video-on-demand, goods and services shop). One can place several hundred movies in a built-in storage.

IPTV all in one box solution that can be deployed in just 1 day.

For installation in

Cottage villages

Hotels, rest houses

Work camps, dormitories

Educational establishments

Office centers


At the start of any project

TV services

Broadcast of TV channels

Your own TV channel

Program Guide

Pause TV

Archive of telecasts



Billing services


Set-top boxes

Mobile phones and tablets

Smart TV

WEB portal


Turnkey solution

Launch in 1 day

Broadcast over Wi-Fi

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