IP-PBX System

Connectivity with SIP camera and soft phones

IP PBX Descriptions

  • From 16 subscribers to 192 analog subscribers
  • IPv6 Compliant product
  • 8 Conference rooms with total 128 party meet me conference
  • Supports all standard PBX features.
  • Built in 4 port Voice mail for all users with total 6 hrs of Recording.
  • Remote subscriber support
  • Key telephones supported on single pair of wire for upto kms
  • IVR/Auto attendant services.
  • Multiprotocol support (GSM/E&M/PRI/E1).

  • Compact system supporting latest features for mid size enterprises
  • 128 SIP Licenses can be used to Connect FXS for more Analog Extensions.
  • Can be used as remote system as a multi protocol media gatewy
  • To provide remote IP extensions from HQ to multilocation gateway offices.
  • Access your extension from your mobile phone
  • Connect your main office with all remote office over INTERNET.
Digital  3×8 EPABX

for small businesses

100 % Digital EPABX System ( TDM / PCM ) Expandable to 37 ports.

Expandability with ALL standard DX 2000 cards.

Mini Voice Mail
16 minutes of voice mail recording facility with 48 voice boxes. This unique feature allows flexibility of allocating any number of voice boxes to extensions as per user requirements.

CLI Based Routing
It can automatically transfer calls from pre-defined telephone numbers to specific extensions thus making it an effective and intelligent switch that would directly land calls from your home to your extension.

External Call Forward
SBDX can intelligently forward incoming calls to your mobile or any Fixed Line / GSM / WLL numbers.

GSM Port
This allows interface of GSM (SIM) based connectivity as trunk line to the PBX . It facilitates the user to implement Least Cost Routing to dial mobile numbers on cellular network (GSM Port) thereby saving costs.

Calling Line Identification (CLI)
The system has the capability to capture CLI from both analog and digital trunks (ISDN) in DTMF as well as FSK format. SBDX displays the CLI information on both digital and analog ports throughout the duration of the call. Intelligent SBDX will even transfer the CLI of the calling party if call is transferred from one extension to another.

Missed Call Details
SBDX memory can keep record of all incoming calls answered and unanswered by extensions.

Restricted DISA

External call using DISA can be restricted to land directly on certain extensions.Auto Redial
The system allows Auto redial of multiple numbers multiple times.Other Salient Features:

  • PMS/HMS: Property/Hotel Management Software Integrations
  • Call Billing Software
  • Multiple Disconnect Timers
  • 3 party conference from analog extension with two P&T lines
  • Door Lock
  • Smart Switch with Sensor for remote activation of external devices* like air-conditioner, fan etc.
  • Walking Class of Service
  • Virtual Accounts for unrestricted usage
  • Incoming / Outgoing Call Buffer & Printout
  • Call back to last incoming caller
  • VIP Call with distinctive ring patterns
  • Camp on – No Reply / Busy
  • Listen in / Barge in
  • Room Monitoring
  • Call Budgeting for Extension and P&T lines
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Interface for External Paging, External “Hold on Music”
A portable business genius designed specifically to serve you better in this era of fast changing technologies. A compact and smart business ‘switch’, equipped with a bouquet of digital features you usually associate with large switches. It can handle various telecom connectivities but yet retains the user-friendly commands for system configuration & use.

Competitive Advantage

  • GSM Port
  • Built-in Voice mail
  • ASMDR with cost calculations
  • Call budgeting on TRUNKS & Extensions
  • All Hotel features from 3×8
  • 7 levels of voice guidance
  • Virtual accounts
  • Full Proof Hotel Package
  • CLI on Analog Extension
  • CLI based Call Landing
  • Call Buffer ( More then 3500 calls )‏
  • I/C & Missed Calls Recording & Printout
  • Multiple Auto Redial &
  • Last but not the least – at an affordable price

This gives an edge over others for owning a digital switch with All KITS functionality from Smallest Configuration.

Allows Easy expansion  with less Inventory . Basic system (3×8) is expandable nearly with 3 times (40 Ports ) capacity.

SPECIAL FUNCTIONAL Cards like ISDN –BRI (2 PORT ) also can be connected

  • Built –In VOICE MAIL With The Most Affordable Price .
  • SBDX has built in Voicemail (48 Mail Boxes) with Basic Voicemail functionality thus saving on cost of an expensive VMS available in the Market.

100 % True CLI Capture and Transfer

  • SDBX Captures CLI on Analog as well as Digital Trunks
  • Printout of All Calls …..
  • Incoming
  • Missed /Unanswered
  • Outgoing calls

Allows the user to trace every call made / received in the Office / Residence .

Virtual Accounts:

Gives you mobility to make calls from any extension on your account  – a digital advantage at analog costs

Walking Class of Service:

Allows user to carry his COS (Facilities ) Across the Organisation.

CTI integration:

Doubles up as mini CRM for call center applications making SBDX the most economical call center switch available.

Mini Exchange

for voice & data switch


Hot Duplication : IRIS IVDX Lite offers full redundancy of controls in true hot standby mode (HSB) with hot swappable controls. In the event of the failure of the ‘active’ set, the change over to the standby set is automatic, transparent and without any disruption of services.

Q-Sig Networking : Comprehensive Q-Sig compliance with full feature transparency, based on ECMA and ETSI standards, with full support over both ISDN and IP.

Audio Conferencing: Up to 128 party conference supported, supervised as well as un-supervised ( Meet me, Progressive and Add-On) involving any kind of circuit (external as well as internal). Conerence bridges such as 2X32 party, 4X16 party and 8X8 party can be easily configured.

ISDN ‘U’ interface : This feature extends the ISDN ‘U’ bus on a single pair copper wire up-to a distance of 5 kms from the exchange. All standard ISDN equipments such as ISDN phones and video conferencing equipments can be terminated using NT1.

Voice over IP (VoIP) : In-skin VoIP card enabling direct connectivity to IP cloud, with the ability to convert analog signals to packets and routing calls through the IP backbone. Uses standard codecs with in-built echo cancellation.

GSM PBX application : With a plug-in 8 port GSM card and Least Cost Routing feature, IRIS IVDX Lite is a perfect GSM PBX where all calls made to the GSM network are automatically sent over the GSM network, there by reducing the cost of communication

GSM Gateway application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be programmed to behave as a digital GSM gateway. It can take in 30 SIMS and give out an ISDN PRI. It can be used to quickly deploy communication set-up wherever landline trunk lines are not available.

PRI Gateway : With its plug-in IP trunk connectivity, IRIS IVDX Lite can be used as a IP-PRI gateway. A very useful application in Call Centers.

Call Center application: IRIS IVDX Lite can be very easily integrated with most call center softwares such as Agent Management Software(AMS), Voice logger, dialer and CRM application.

Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) and MIS reporting : Extensive built-in ACD capabilities with comprehensive and customizable MIS with on-line and historical report generation. Intelligent routing and landing of calls within various ACD groups can be configured for call center application.

Universal Mini Exchange

To connect any network

  • Supports inter-op with UHF/VHF/HF radios along with GSM/CDMA, E1/PRI, FXO, FXS, Magneto and IP
  • Supports low speed data interfaces
  • Ruggedised as per JSS 55555 standards conforming to MIL STD 461d /e
  • Operates on both AC as well as DC input power
  • Automatic changeover from AC to DC and vice-versa
  • Built in ‘Float cum boost’ charger
  • Automatic fall back from DC 48V-24V-12V.
  •  Built in operator panel
  • 4 X 40 Vacuum Florescent Display for clearer visibility under all conditions
  •  Fan-less thermal management
  • Programming through operator panel or PC
  • Simple GUI based programming software
  • Supports direct ‘plug-in’ of optical E1
  • Supports data transmission through a ‘plug-in’ Ethernet interface
  • Due to its versatality in handling communication protocols and media has tremendous applications in the areas where disparate communication systems are used. It is also very widely used by agencies which use different radio frequencies within their ambit of operation.
  • Command and Communication Centre for a disaster management unit where different rescue agencies need to co-ordinate with each other but use different non-compatible communication networks. These agencies, as well as, the command centre may also be required to talk on the public switched telephone network.
  • Commando and combat operation in the armed forces where different platoons/units using radios operating on different frequencies need to coordinate with each other and also talk to central command with the help of a leased line.
  • Airports where different airlines using walky-talkies operating on disparate frequencies will need to coordinate with each other and airports authority during emergency operations.
  • Utility companies such as oil / gas / electricity/ power plants where major communication at site offices is through radios.
  • Mines / tunnels / Metro transport systems : These organisations use different frequencies for above the ground and underground tunnel communication and they need an inter-op platform for complete communication.
  • Any situation where you need to quickly set up a communication network on field.
Are you looking for a PBX System which provides one time solution for all your Tele-communication needs????

An IP PBX is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

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