Our Innovation approach is designed to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities to create value for our client’s businesses.We innovate with a laser sharp focus on relevant solutions to help our clients deliver at hyper-speed and global scale. Our innovation process cuts across functional boundaries and includes stakeholders across business and technology.

We have invested deeply to support our clients’ innovation needs in many game-changing ways.Our Innovation Centers and Digital Transformation across the globe are unique spaces for co-innovation & co-creation which brings together ideas, technologies and agile teams.

Our Open Innovation approach lets us reach well beyond the potential of our own intellectual property. We invest in and collaborate with technology start-ups, academia, expert networks and innovation accelerators to bring the best ideas to work on your opportunities. Our research programs with universities and strategic investments in start-ups are great examples of realizing our  Open Innovation approach  for our clients in the disruptive world.

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation at RK Telesystem takes place at the intersection of technologies, industries and geographies. It involves collaboration with customers, partners, employees, consortia, academia and the crowd to build new and relevant solutions. It also involves co-innovation with customers with services such as gain share labs, labs-on-hire and elements, which impact development and innovation.

Innovation Focus Areas

Go-Green Technologies:

We are continuously doing innovation in offering go-green technologies to reduce carbon footprint from telecom,automobile and industries.

Digital Transformation:

Due to digital disruption, pervasive computing and connectivity, user experiences are completely transformed. Breakthroughs in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) using touch, voice, vision, gesture, motion, coupled with context aware applications are introducing higher levels of user engagement. Machines are also becoming smarter and better at understanding the human context, behavior and emotions.

We provide near-human abilities of multi-modal interactions through voice, vision and haptic, leading to personalized experiences that are accurate and efficient. The applications include Customer Service, Self Service, In-store Interactions, Product & Solution User Manuals, Online Training, Online Shopping.

Bringing New Technologies 

Smart devices are already leading the charge in the current ever-changing business climate. Forward-thinking businesses around the world are leveraging these devices which are flexible and capable of sensing newer parameters, analyzing situations, anticipating risks and offering context aware intelligence to make businesses more profitable.

RK Telesystem is harnessing the power of sensing technologies which are capable of going beyond the task of monitoring and are capable of executing smart decisions, based on learning. The smart devices cover a wide variety of industry use cases and applications. E.g. Connected Worker Solutions, Autonomous Vehicles, Service Robots and e-health.

Systems have significant potential to revolutionize health safety in businesses industries. We have created a health necklace for patients who are under step-down treatment after surgery. The monitoring system uses sophisticated algorithms to alert doctors when required and the patient can be called in immediately for treatment. Patients no longer need to stay in the hospital with doctors now equipped to remotely monitor the vital body parameters. The data is continuous, allowing doctors to arrive at better decisions than they could before.

We believe that smart devices have the potential to bring about a major shift in how you get information, manage it and act upon it. While remote monitoring is one of the smart systems use case, there is a move towards embedded intelligence, whereby devices and smart systems can analyze and anticipate situations, take decisions and perform smart actions.

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